What are the Disadvantages of Byju’s?

Disadvantages of Byju’s

We all know that when it comes to online education in India, Unacademy and Byju’s are the first names that immediately come to our minds.

Both of these online education platforms have built their marketing campaigns to such an extent that almost everybody in India is aware of both of these online educational platforms.

By the way, if you do a search on the Internet then you will come across a number of articles describing the benefits of learning on these two platforms.

But in this article, we will tell you about some such disadvantages of Byju’s about which hardly anyone has given information on the internet. If you also want to know about this topic in-depth, then kindly please read this article till the end.

Disadvantage of Byju’s

(1) Too Much Costly

You probably know this or not, but it becomes very important for you to know that when Byju’s was started, then this platform was initially focused on teaching the only 4th to 12th standard students.

But in today’s time seeing the rapid growth of India’s competitive exam market, Byju’s has stepped forward in this market too and has also started delivering its content for examinations like UPSC and SSC.

However, the most significant downside of this online educational platform is that the fees for the majority of courses sold on it are extremely expensive.

If we notice the same things deeply then you may come to know that costs for each course available here start at approximately 40000, and if your level of examination is considerably higher then the rates for these courses increase even more.

Despite the fact that Byju’s will provide you with study material, a kit bag, a tablet, and a personal mentor’s services still the course’s fees are too high. 

(2) Focuses more on Pre-recorded Lectures

Whereas today’s prominent online educational platforms, such as Unacademy and Vedantu, are focusing on offering their students more and more live lectures, Byju’s is sticking to its traditional ideology.

It has been continuing to provide pre-recorded old lectures to its students.

Although Byju’s online platform does provide access to online video lectures the number of these videos is quite low when it particularly compared to Unacademy or Vedantu.

While being such a massive online educational platform, it is quite disturbing to notice that Byju’s is still not working to provide facilities such as more live lectures to its students, as other massive online educational platforms such as Unacademy and Vanuatu has been done already. 

However, it is likely that Byju’s will definitely correct these mistakes in the future and provide its students with more and more live lectures.

(3) Can’t use Tablet for other Purposes.

As we previously stated, Byju’s online educational platform charges a significant fee for each course in return for providing you with study materials and a tablet.

The only unique feature of this tablet is that you can only use it for studies and not for anything else.

If seen, this objective is appropriate for a small child; but, if you are preparing for a competitive exam, you will need to investigate other subjects and will most likely require a separate device.

Along with the tablet, you are also given a memory card from Byju’s team in which all the pre-recorded videos are already available.

Another disadvantage of this memory card is that it can only be used in the same tablet which is provided by Byju’s, and if your tablet is damaged or broken then you will have to deal with several issues until it is repaired.

Final Conclusion on Disadvantages of Byju’s

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