What are the Chances of SBI Officer Get Posting in Home-Town?

Friends, we all know very well that the position of PO in SBI or any bank is considered very respectable and well paid. Due to the low working horse and high pay of this position in the Bank, many young individuals like this job very much.

Every year IBPS conducts examinations for the PO post in the banks and numerous individuals apply for this examination. Since the inception of Jio and high-speed internet adequate information has been widespread and as of now lakhs of students in the country are actually, preparing for these examinations.

But the biggest question is, do you get a posting in your hometown after clearing the PO examinations in SBI or not? Let us try to answer this question today through this particular article.

Posting in Home Town After Clearing Bank PO Examinations

Who does not want to do a government job in today’s time? We all know that you get lifetime security in a government job and at the same time, the salary rate here is also very high.

But a major drawback of government jobs is that you don’t usually get posted in your home town in these jobs. By the way, if your post is not very responsible, then sometimes you get posting in your home town, but in maximum cases, this thing is not possible at all.

The same is also in the case of PO too. Bank PO is usually considered as one of the most respected job profiles which carry huge responsibilities on respective shoulders as the officers are actually responsible for managing the whole branch’s business and authoritative working profile.

By the way, if you are working as a Bank Po, then it is very difficult to get a posting in your home town. However, if you are a female candidate, then you can definitely get a posting in your hometown. Usually, male candidates are posted in locations not less than 100 to 150 from their hometown.

However, one thing to note here is that I have come across many such candidates who have got the opportunity to serve in their hometowns during the posting of Bank PO. That’s why we tell each and every candidate that just don’t lose hope because anything can happen with you.

Final Conclusion on What are the Chances of SBI Officer Get Posting in Home-Town

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