What Are Neutrinos Good For?

Consider what it was like to be alive when the electron was discovered.

Scientists were only just beginning to understand how an electron could be employed, and they could not have foreseen all of the applications we have today.

What does it matter if electrons can power a street light if I can show you how my cat plays the piano?

Many of you have inquired about neutrinos and how we may use them. That’s a wonderful question, and it’s the topic of today’s episode of Even Bananas.

Neutrinos are still extremely difficult to detect and require extremely modern detectors, but let’s dream big for a bit. The capacity of a neutrino to pass through solid matter is its superpower.

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What Are Neutrinos Good For?

(1) Robust Message Transportation System

Consider sending a message from New York to Tokyo. Signals had to flow through cables over the planet’s surface in the past, whereas neutrinos could gladly travel in a straight line through the earth. There is no need for a tunnel or cable.

You could even envisage sending signals into space using neutrinos without having to worry about them being deflected or absorbed along the way.

It’s a beautiful concept, but it’s not feasible with today’s technology. The fact that neutrinos rarely interact and that the neutrino beam expands out as it travels is one of the issues.

That is, we can’t identify enough of them to make them helpful for message transmission. For example, in Fermilab’s NOvA Experiment, Hundreds of trillions of dollars are being sent by scientists.

(2) Can Be used as Security Tool

The neutrinos were rapid, as expected, but gathering enough data and interpreting the communication took a long time. It took around two hours for the 170-tonne MINERvA detector to get eight letters.

The first word communicated by neutrinos is, of course, “neutrino.” So it appears that a neutrino cell phone is still a long way off.

But how about addressing something a little more straightforward, such as world peace? Nuclear non-proliferation isn’t quite world peace, but it’s close.

Anti-neutrinos are produced in large quantities by nuclear reactors, and no amount of shielding can prevent them. As a result, neutrinos have the potential to be employed as a nuclear security weapon.

You can imagine using neutrinos to  monitor or discover nuclear reactors   or to verify that treaty 
agreements are being adhered to.

(3) Uses in Other Industrial Operations

There are several current efforts to investigate the use of neutrinos for nuclear monitoring, notably WATCHMEN, a US-UK collaboration.

Geologists might use data from geo-neutrinos produced by radioactive materials within the globe to better comprehend what’s going on inside our planet in a similar way.

This has previously been done in part by the KamLAND and Borexino experiments. They can sense neutrinos from uranium and thorium, but not from potassium, which is a key producer of neutrinos.

This would necessitate a new, more sensitive detector capable of capturing neutrinos with lower energy. Those are some really cool concepts! However, we’ll have to adapt and use the technology produced to research neutrinos in the actual world.

We’ll have to wait a long time before we can use neutrinos for anything useful. Physicists, for example, are working on machine learning methods to detect anomalies.

Final Conclusion on What Are Neutrinos Good For

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