How Trader Sakshi Aka Sakshi Chaurasiya Become Successful Trader?

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Friends, we all know that trading in the stock market requires a great deal of knowledge, and if you don’t have the right knowledge and try to trade, you may end up losing all of your wealth.

However, many people are teaching you about trading on YouTube these days, and you can include trader Sakshi’s channel in that list.

Basically, we are going to discuss in detail who is Trader Sakshi and how she became a full-time trader and how she is enjoying her profitable career as a full-time trader. If you are someone who is also keen to know about her journey of trading then kindly read this article till the end.

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Trader Sakhshi Biography Cum Trading Journey

Trader Sakshi’s name is Sakshi Chaurasia and he is a full-time trader. Sakshi started her trading career 4 years ago from today when she passed out in 12th and was preparing for her graduation.

Actually, when Sakshi told her family about her decision to do trading, they advised her to trade with a very small amount so that she would not lose much capital and along with this they also had a put one condition that she will complete her graduation without leaving it in middle and eventually she also agreed for the same.

After getting the permission of the family for setting up her career in stock trading, Sakshi started learning about trading with the help of YouTube and she watched many people’s videos on YouTube to learn how to trade and also read many books so that she could start her trading career with success.

However, when Sakshi started her trading career, she did not make much profit and had also lost a lot of her capital.

According to her, she is that kind of trader cum investor who has lost so much of her capital during the first two years as a full-time trader. Despite reading so many books and watching so many videos she was always ending up losing her capital often which makes her disappointed too.

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However, she never lost her courage about trading in stocks and was quite sure that she was missing something that became an obstacle in her trading procedure.

According to Sakshi, she could not succeed in trading in the early days only because she believed in YouTubers too much.

Along with this, she used to earn good money in demo trading, but when she used to trade in real, she had to lose her capital and because of this, she understood one thing in demo trading and real trading that there is a huge difference and you have to learn a lot of skills to earn money from real trading.

After losing a lot of money in trading in the first 2 years, Sakshi, without giving up in her trading career, again understood each and every aspect of treading carefully and also analyzed where she is making mistakes and not able to become a profitable trader and after that, she also read many great books and because of this, she has become a successful trader today after 4 years.

Sakshi Chaurasia along with doing full-time trading in today’s time also runs a YouTube channel named Trader Sakshi, where she also gives information to the people about the various strategies of intraday trading, and due to her outstanding presentation and communications skills, she is able to make lots of subscribers for her YouTube channel and this channel is getting good views as the time is passing day by day.

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