The Village With No Men

In Kenya, there is a woman who has accomplished the impossible. She built an entire village for women only, and no men are allowed to enter. Who is she, how did she find a town, and why are men barred from participating? In the middle of the desert in Kenya, there is a village called Umoja.

She established a hamlet where only women are permitted. Rebecca was in an abusive marriage 30 years ago. She was beaten and treated as a second-class citizen, but she realized she wasn’t alone when she looked around.

She wasn’t alone; it’s not uncommon for women to be raped and beaten. It’s common for females to get married as children, and it’s even more common for them to have their private parts cut and maimed. In some guru cultures, circumcision is required when a girl is ready to marry.

The Story of Rebecca

It’s so common that Rebecca sought the authorities to protect her and her husbands from their spouses. Because no one was willing to aid them and the world had turned its back on them, she and a group of 14 other women decided to build their own world.

When we declared we didn’t need males because we could do it on our own, the men around them wondered how they could possibly accomplish it on their own.

They were women, and women are thought to be weak, but Rebecca and her women proved everyone wrong when they chose a plot of land called Umuja, which means togetherness, and constructed everything on it with their own hands.

Without the presence of men, the women of this hamlet sing, dance, and raise their children in peace. No men, not even their own partners, are allowed to exist in their own little universe. Some males were jealous and set up their own towns nearby to keep visitors out.

They even went into Umuja and fought the women, but Rebecca and the rest of the women stood firm. They saved money and eventually bought off the entire men’s village.

She stated that governments must implement stronger policies to protect and empower women and that we, as parents, must teach our sons to respect women, so that one day, not only our community, but the entire world will be a place where women may thrive.

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Final Conclusion on The Village With No Men

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