The Untold Reality of 1 Crore Packages at IIT’s

Packages given by companies are currently extremely expensive. There was a firm in the western company that was willing to pay 50 lakhs.

We were ecstatic to learn, but it was not a large sum, which is how, for example, people at IIT obtain such packages since such are supplied by foreign companies to students on campus placements, which is not the actual amount that is called so CTC comprises of a variety of things.

the truth about the bundles that firms offer Not everyone gets such good IIT packages.

It’s merely that two to three students out of every class receive such huge payouts based on the average compensation package of an Indian firm that visits IIT for campus placement.

So that’s roughly 12 to 14 lakhs per annum or a top income package of around 30 to 40 lakhs, but that only accounts for about 5% to 10% of the entire batch.

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