The Success story of Ajay’s Takeaway Food

Engineers can do anything and can excel in any field. Ajay’s Takeaway Food is the best example of an engineer’s start-up in the Food Industry. Let’s try to explore more things about Ajay’s Takeaway food and its success story which is really inspirational.

There are many good fast-food shops and restaurants are already available in South Gujarat. However, there is the very fewer place you get food on very moderate price. Ajay’s Takeaway Food is indeed one of the best fast-food franchises in South Gujarat.

Today Ajay’s Takeaway Food is one of the most famous and reputed fast-food franchises in South Gujarat. This food shop is really very famous for its cold coffee. The cold coffee is available just at a price of 20 rupees. This shop is also famous for different kinds of Pizzas and Burgers which are available for just 60 rupees.

How Ajay’s Takeaway Food Started?

To know how Ajay’s Food started, you have to know things from 20 years ago today. This shop was started by two brothers named Jay and Ajay. Jay is a mechanical engineer and he always wanted to start a start-up of his own.

Jay and Ajay both were born in Chikhali of Navsari district. But as their father was doing a job in Nagpur, that’s why their family moved there on a permanent basis.

Their mother used to do the business of lodging there. From here both brothers got an inspiration to start their own startup.

After some time, they both started their own restaurant named “Aatmiya Food”. Fortunately, they got a huge success in their venture and earned a decent amount of money from here. Then after both brothers decided to start their new venture in Navsari city.

The Ultimate Success Story of Ajay’s Takeaway Food

In the beginning, both the brothers took some time to establish their business properly in a new city like Navsari. But after that, both of them together started Ajay’s Food in 2014.

The people of Navsari have always been known for adopting the outside people. These same people had also supported the Parsi people in history. The same story repeated with Ajay’s Food.

The Navsarians showed their support to the new start-up and started consuming their food. Although the newly opened Ajay’s Takeaway food also never disappointed their customers and this the reason why this food franchise is the most successful in South Gujarat having more than 20 plus shops in this particular area. 


Why Ajay’s Takeaway Food is really very special?

It is generally seen that it is very difficult to find good quality of fast-food at a moderate price. However, Ajay’s Takeaway Food is different from all other fast-food shops. You can easily enjoy cold coffee at just 20 rupees and Pizza and Burgers at just 60 rupees.

When we talk about their food quality then we can assure you that this franchise is providing the best quality of fast food and coffee in South Gujarat. The owner’s main motive is to attract as many people via providing good quality fast food at a decent price. ,

That is the reason why Ajay’s food is liked more and more by the people of Navsari. We all know that people have a habit of eating good food at cheap prices and Ajay’s food remains the best option for them.

Ajay’s food has got a lot of success due to good quality food at cheap prices. Today this brand is one of the most successful food franchises in South Gujarat. Right now they are one of the most successful food franchises of South Gujarat.

Final Words on The Success Story of Ajay’s Takeaway Food

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