The Real Truth of Physicswallah vs Gangwar Controversy

Physicswallh is regarded as one of the top online learning platforms, particularly in the field of IITs and JEE, where the number of students enrolling is steadily increasing. (Physicswallah vs Gangwar Controversy)

This platform began on a modest scale in 2015 and is now competing with the biggest online education platforms such as Unacademy in the sector of IIT and JEE preparation.

Physicswallah has put in a lot of effort to grow its YouTube channel over time, and as a result, the platform has been able to establish itself in the domain of top IIT and JEE preparation in India today.

Physicswallah, a huge online education platform, has yet to be involved in any type of controversy, and as a result, the platform has succeeded in establishing a reputation as a trustworthy platform.

However, in recent days, another online education platform, Gangwar NEET Academy, has made a major allegation against the Physicswallah team, triggering a conflict between Physicswallah and Gangwar sir.

Let’s try to understand more about Physicswallh and Gangwar Controversy with the help of this article. Please read this article, till the end to know more about this controversy.

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Physicswallah vs Gangwar Controversy

The Gangwar Institute was founded by Hari Om Gangwar Sir. Gangwar sir is an MBBS graduate who educates his students for prestigious and toughest exams like NEET. Along with this, he is also associated with some kind of research in the same field. 

Gangwar sir has been doing scientific research since 2011, and he has authored a book titled Bioneet, which was published in 2017 by a reputed publication. BioNEET is considered one of the most useful books for students who are preparing for the JEE examination.

Gangwar sir has accused Physicwallah’s administration of copying his book BioNEET’s material and distributing also blamed that their management is giving same copies to their students without giving him a piece of prior information. 

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In an interview given on private channel, Hariom Gangwar sir also confessed that he initially assumed there could have been a mistake done on the side of Physicswallh’s management and that’s why he also mailed them for regarding the clarification for the same but they did not give any kind of response to him. 

In his interview, Gangwar sir further said that when he looked deeper, he discovered that the Physicwallah’s team had copied 90% of the study material from his book. He had not expected such activity from a well-known brand like Physicswallah.

According to Gangwar sir, it took him up to 7 years to create that book, and the study material provided in it is of such high quality that Byjus is also purchasing it from him and further added that he also earns money for a livelihood by selling that book to students and educators. 

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Final Words on Physicswallah vs Gangwar Controversy

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