The Most Expensive Big Mac

This is the priciest Big Mac. It’s only available in Venezuela, and everyone who has tried it claims it’s the worst thing they’ve ever tasted.

So we traveled all the way to Caracas to see for ourselves, and it turns out that there’s a billion-dollar story hidden beneath this simple burger that will blow your mind.

The large mac in Venezuela costs between $5 and $7, almost twice as much as in the rest of the globe, but it tastes terrible. Why is the worst big mac so expensive?

It all has to do with the fact that in Venezuela, seven dollars is worth three million bonavaras, which implies that that piece of paper is worth practically nothing.

The Most Expensive Big Mac

It’s so awful that many here used to pay for their food with huge bags full of cash until recently. It’s all because when Venezuela started having money problems a few years ago.

the government printed more money and gave it to the people to help them pay their bills, but because that cash is just printed paper and not true economic growth, other governments and businesses around the world, including McDonald’s, knew it wasn’t worth much. As a result, you’ll have to pay a lot more for a standard Big Mac here.

Nicolas Maduro has introduced a slew of new policies. The first was introduced this week, which resulted in the issuance of a slew of new banknotes, the largest of which is the 500 bolivar note, which will be worth 50 million old bolivars, which is still only around $8. But this isn’t just happening in Venezuela; it’s also happening in Lebanon, Russia, and Turkey. Whenever a country has cash issues, it shows on its big mac price.

Okay, so I’m honestly surprised by all of this because when I was a kid the big mac cost around two to three dollars and now it costs around 550 to six dollars here in the UAE,

So it’s more than doubled in price and that just goes to show you that it’s crazy to think about it like going to a big mac or Macdonald’s you can find out how much your money is really worth by just asking the price of the big mac. 

Final Conclusion on The Most Expensive Big Mac

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