Meet The Condom King of Kenya

Although a condom is inexpensive and effective, it is also attractive and can save your life, few people use it, which is why sexual diseases continue to spread and kill millions of people.

So this guy in Kenya decided to do something about it by dressing up as a king and walking around the streets handing out condoms to everyone.

It was a problem back then to believe that anyone who tested positive for HIV was gay. It was painful that day, but Stanley realized that as long as people are unaware of STDs, they will continue to die from them, especially in Africa, where more than 28 million people have HIV/AIDS, so he broke the taboo and openly discussed sex condoms and STDs.

The Condom King of Kenya

The best way to stop HIV is to educate people about contraceptives, which exist and save lives, which is exactly what I’m going to do, and this is how he became the condom king.

He began donning this clothing and stopping people on the street to hand out condoms and explain how and why they should be used. He gives out tens of thousands of condoms every month and he does it with a big smile on his face.

Sex is for everyone you know, and everyone is getting HIV through sex. He travels to the poorest areas of Kenya to speak with the poor because it turns out that the less money people have, the more likely they are to contract HIV. It’s a very simple thing.

Do you know how much this column abortion costs in reality? Stanley may appear amusing, but he has a real desire to see an HIV-free future, and in order to do this, he aims to travel to each of Africa’s 54 countries and train a condom king in each of them.

He believes that no one can travel alone on this trip and that anyone can hand out a condom or talk about condoms or HIV unprotected sex is dangerous, which is why we all need a condom king in our lives.

Final Conclusion on The Condom King of Kenya

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