TCS vs Accenture: Here is the Unbiased Comparision

TCS vs Accenture

Friends, you all are aware that both Accenture and Tata Consultancy Services are very giant businesses in India’s IT sector in today’s time, and Fresher Engineers can easily find employment therein.

However, there is a lot of misconception concerning whether a fresher engineer should join TCS or Accenture at the beginning of a career.

Thus, today we will provide you with an unbiased comparison between both organizations, and this comparison is surely going to help you in selecting a company. 

We’ve compared several of these points in this article to compare the job profiles of these two companies, which you won’t find anywhere else on the internet.

That is the reason if you are serious about your profession then we strongly advise you to read this article all the whole throughout.

TCS vs Accenture Comparison

(1) Job Security

See, if you are a fresher and starting your career with one of the two companies then believe us that you will have job security for at least two years.

Both companies know very well that in the beginning, any fresher may struggle to understand how to work in the company and this is the reason if your performance is good then your chances of being fired from your job are quite low.

However, if you are an experienced employee comparing job security between the two companies, then we can tell you from the example of a research report that TCS is well ahead of Accenture in terms of job security as Tata consultancy service plan on keeping their employees for the longer period of time. 

(2) Salary Packages

Whenever we compare two companies based on their job profile, we always compare the salary packages of both companies. In terms of compensation, if you are a fresher engineer then you can get a much better package at TCS than at Accenture.

It is not like the freshers are paid less in Accenture, but the company’s pay structure is designed in a such way that you may feel that the salary you start receiving from Accenture is less than a TCS in the beginning. 

If you are an experienced engineer, then we can say with confidence that you will be able to obtain a very good salary package job in Accenture in comparison with Tata Consultancy Service.

In today’s time, Accenture has a lot of projects in its hand and this is the main reason why it hires such skilled and experienced engineers who can handle the work of the company’s various projects and in return, it pays a huge amount of salaries to them. 

(3) Salary Hike

Salary hike per year is another important factor to consider when comparing any of the two companies’ job profiles.

So, when it comes to salary hikes, we can state from our own research report that TCS progressively raises their employee’s salaries from 6 to 10% every year, whereas Accenture companies hikes their employee’s incomes from 8 to 15% per year.

So, based on this comparison, it is clear that with Accenture, your compensation might increase really quickly.

It is not that you cannot get a good salary hike in TCS, but for this, you will have to work very hard. But if your post gradually increases in the company, then you can get a much higher hike in your salary.

(4) Learnig Opportunities

See, if you really want to join one of these companies just for the purpose of learning something from here and applying for a job elsewhere then we recommend that you only join TCS.

Many courses in TCS have been designed in such a manner that a fresher can very well learn things pertaining to their job profile can also get very good growth in their career in the upcoming future. 

It’s not that you can not learn anything at Accenture. However, when you just join this company then you must have to perform the same daily tasks, which limits your opportunity for development.

Yes, however in these circumstances, if you get the opportunity to work on a good project then you can learn a lot of things.

Learning is a process that is entirely dependent on you, because if you are determined then you can definitely learn a lot from your existing job profile too. 

Final Conclusion on TCS vs Accenture Comparison

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