Standard Books vs NCERT Books: What Should You Choose For UPSC Preparation?

There is a lot of confusion among the people preparing for the examination of UPSC in the research of whether NCERTs should be read or not.

Many individuals believe that it is very important for you to read NCERT to prepare for the UPSC examination properly. While many others also believe that you should go straight to the standard books without reading the NCERT books.

This kind of two-dimensional review can create lots of havoc in the mind of the candidates who are literally preparing for this examination in a serious mode. This is the main reason why we are sharing this article with unbiased data which can support both conditions.

Why read NCERTs?

See, we all know that the syllabus of UPSC’s examination is very vast and therefore it becomes very important for you to know the basics of each and every topic to understand it.

In such a situation, if you want to improve your basics, then you should definitely read the book of NCERTs.

The most important thing about these books is that in these books you get all the material in a hierarchy, due to which you can start from a low level and move up to a high level gradually.

Also according to some toppers saying one can start reading these books for the maximum amount of time with great kind of efforts involved in it because the UPSC is now shifting its focus on asking maximum questions from the NCERTs book only.

However, many toppers have also said that they have never read NCERT books in preparation for the UPSC exams. So many toppers have also said that they have passed their examination only after reading the short notes of NCERTs. In such a situation, you should make the decision yourself whether you should study NCERTs or not?

If you agree with me, you should start your exam preparation with the basics books only. Because after reading these books in detail, your every concept will be clear, due to which you can get a lot of help in reading further advanced books.

Final Conclusion

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