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Friends, to do intraday trading, you have to learn many skills like basic stock market education and technical analysis and if you start your trading career in this market without any education then there will be a time come when you may have to lose your whole capital.

However, if you want to be a successful trader then learning about trading could be the best option for you, and for that what you can do is that can learn about the same from the various YouTube channel and one channel we would personally like to recommend is thestockforex YouTube channel which is owned by Shifat Imandar who is a regular trader and trading educator.

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Basically, in this article, we are going to share some important information related to the TradeStockForex YouTube Channel’s owner Shifat Inamadar in detail. If you are also looking for the same then kindly read this article till the end. Hope you will definitely like this article and will get inspired too for investing and trading into the stock market.

Shifat Inamdar (TradeStockForex YouTube Channel) Trading Journey

Well friends, if you do not know about Shifat Inamdar, then here we want to tell you that Shifat is a full-time trader and he is trading for the last 10 years. Shifat started his trading career 10 years ago with only 12 thousand rupees in his hand and today he has earned more than 2 crores in this journey. Let us try to understand the success of his trading journey through this article in deep.

The special thing about Johnny of Shifat Inamdar is that he started his trading career when the Internet was not so popular in India and watching videos on YouTube was not so much possible due to the low speed and heavy cost of the internet. At that time shifat had read many books and tried to understand trading and later started his trading career with 12000 rupees.

In the initial days of his trading career, Shifat had also booked very good profit from his trading journey but due to lack of proper knowledge about the trading market, he also had to face a lot of losses. After this, his profit and loss cycle continued for 3 to 4 years and he could not become a successful intraday trader even after spending so much time in his trading career.

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Finally, in the year 2014, Shifat joined many courses to understand intraday trading from scratch but according to him, he did not get many benefits from all these courses because almost all the courses were taught about technical analysis about which he already had a lot of information. He was upset because he was not able to book profits even after having a good understanding of technical analysis and charts.

However, from the year 2017, he understood the supply and demand in the trading world properly and at the same time tried to understand the psychology of Buyers and Sellers and it changed his trading career completely.

According to him, everyone tells you everything about fundamental and technical analysis in stock market courses, but in actual no one tells you about psychological trading, and because of this you are not able to get success.

At today’s time, he has earned more than 2.5 crores with the help of trading and his next target is to increase this amount to 5 crores next year. If you also want to be successful like Shifat, then you can follow his YouTube channel to learn about the various intraday trading strategy and psychological trading-related tips and tricks.

Final Conclusion on TradeStockForex YouTube Channel

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