She Turns Human into Cake

Tuba originated in Turkey Because Tuba never went to baking school, she studied art and even worked as an artist, creating paintings and statues for the museum.

How did she start baking?

One day, her son asked her to make him a car-shaped cake for his birthday, so she tried and it came out so amazing that everyone asked her to make them a birthday cake too because Tuba is an artist, she knows how to create amazing works of art.

Tuba learned that the one thing she enjoyed more than making art was making delicious art that people could eat, and she quickly became so proficient at it that objects weren’t enough.

She began working on celebrities, politicians, and even Kobit with Chuba taking any moves. She starts by looking for a picture, then creates the shape out of sugar paste, colors it, and then adds all the minor details.

It takes a lot of practice, but you’ll never guess how much money people pay her for these cakes. The simplest cake she produced cost 100 dollars, while the most expensive cake she prepared cost $10,000. since no one can tell what is real and what is cake but Tuba doesn’t do it for fame and money. 

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Final Conclusion on She Turns Human into Cake

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