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As we all know how important the NEET examination is for all the students who have pursued Biology subject as their main subject to achieve new heights in this domain.

We, all know that to get admission to a medical college one must have to appear for the NEET examination and pass it with flying colors in order to secure a safe seat in the university for themselves.

By the way, in today’s time, many mentors are present on the online platform, who read very deeply about the NEET examination of the children. However, in spite of this, many students are unable to clear this examination owing to the fact that the competition is actually very huge in this domain.

Seep Pahuja Biography

Seep Pahuja is a NEET examination preparation educator and mentor who has been working with Unacademy. Before joining Unacademys’ platform she has also worked with various online educational platforms.

Apart from educating students on Unacademy, she is actually also very active on YouTube too. The main motive for her to start a YouTube channel is to help the maximum aspirants who actually have the willingness to pass this examination with the flying colors.

It is quite understandable that anyone can feel demotivation and frustration while preparing for this examination as the selection chances are being very less in this domain. That’s where maximum individuals need adequate information and real-time motivation.

Pahuja understands this thing really well and that’s why she started this channel to address the issues of mental strength and demotivation while preparing for this competitive examination.

Coming from an educational background and working as a teacher for the past so many years actually makes her a suitable personality to speak up on various things related to the NEET examination.

According to her, students must have to utilize a very less amount of study material, and instead of looking for huge materials available in the market, they should focus maximum on the revision of the only selected materials.

I really hope that Seep Pahuja will continue to make videos on various topics related to the NEET examination.

She is really very charming personality and one can consider her as a perfect example of “Beauty with Brain”.

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