Salary Hikes in TCS: Here is the Actual Reality

Salary Hikes in TCS

Friends, we all know that Tata Consultancy Service is India’s one of the biggest information technology companies in today’s time and it provides services to many of the country’s biggest businesses.

The unique feature of TCS is that, a fresher can find a job very easily and with very few hassles in comparison to other IT businesses.

This is the main reason why so many new engineers in India want to start their careers with this company.

But we must have heard from many individuals that your job profile does not progress fast in TCS and also your income doesn’t hikes quickly. As a result, many young individuals feel concerned before joining this company.

Today, we will try provide the comprehensive information about how salary growth happen at TCS ,through this article. ‘

If you are also someone looking for a career at TCS then you must have to read this article till the end as this article is definitely going to provide some useful information for the same. 

Salary Hikes in TCS

Before joining TCS, it is essential to know that even if your selection is relatively easy, you will be held on the position of trainee in the company for one year and you will have to work as an Assistant System Trainee.

In this job profile, you will be paid between 16k to 19k per month and along with the salary the company will also provides you with health insurance for your parents and also the food card facility for you in the company. 

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When you join Tata Consultancy Service as a fresher then you are not put under a lot of work pressure during the training time, and you are provided with training for a wide range of courses, and your progress is also evaluated by the administrative staff and management.

If you are a  fresher who is eager to learn about the system, then this organization could be the great the great starting point because you will be able to learn a lot while earning a good amount of a salary. 

Salary Hike in TCS after One Year

In TCS, your training period can last up to a year, but if your performance throughout training is poor then it might happen that your training period may also extended by six months.

If your performance during the training period is exceptional then you will be promoted to System Assistant Engineer from the position of a trainee, after one year and will receive a promotion in your yearly compensation package too.

During training, whereas, you used to receive a salary package of 16k to 18k per month, but now you can easily get 24k to 26k per month.

How Salary Hikes Takes Place in TCS?

In Tata consultancy service, it is typical to be appointed to an advanced post after completion of your training.

However one thing you would like to know about the same is that even if your performance is outstanding, you will not be offered any kind of the advancement in your salary as well as your post.

After two years, you will be promoted to a higher position in the company, but your remuneration will not be influenced significantly and you can easily get a growth of 6 to 8%  in your regular salary.

Still, you will feel that this growth rate is relatively low in comparison to your hard work and efforts after working for the same company for a longer period of time like more than 3 years. 

Salary Hikes in TCS after 3 Years

After working for more than 3 years TCS, you will be promoted to the position of Analyst and in this job profile you may expect to earn between 40k to 50k rupees per month.

However, you should also be aware that as a TCS Analyst, you will be expected to work extremely hard and under a great deal of pressure.

Typically, after three years of service with TCS, you will be eligible for a salary increase in almost every year and here in this IT company you may expect seeing an increase of 6 to 10% in your regular salary every year.

if you want to work with job security in your professional career then TCS can become a great option for your because this company doesn’t fore its employee easily and try to retain them for a loner period of a time. 

Final Words on Salary Hikes in TCS

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