Byjus IAS Tablet Course Review

[Reality] Byjus IAS Tablet Course Review

Byjus IAS Tablet Course

Friends, we all know that Byjus is presently competing for a spot on India’s online education platform, and one fact is that the amount of money spent by the company is much bigger than the money spends on marketing by India’s biggest online education platform Unacademy.

Byjus is spending a lot of money to promote his brand name because it has spent a lot of money to make famous Bollywood celebrities like Shahrukh Khan the brand ambassador and showing their name on the T-shirts of the Indian Cricket Team. (I think this is one of the biggest promotion strategies by any kind of any online education platform after the Unacademy)

It is essential to understand one thing about Byjus is that this online education platform used to supply its online lectures and offline books together in the domain of NCERT’s class XII to XII students, but this platform has evolved through time and as of now it is aiming to breakthrough into the world of competitive exam preparation too by launching its premium courses on this domain. 

Byjus IAS Tablet Course Review
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Just a short while back Byjus has introduced its new premium course for the candidates who are preparing for the IAS examination and the special thing about this course is that whoever buys this course will get one tablet and study material for absolutely free from the Byjus. So, in this article, we are going to share some detailed information about this course.

Byjus’s IAS Tablet Course : All You want to Know

Course Fees

It is necessary to take into consideration one thing about Byjus’s IAS course is that it is significantly more expensive than the average online education platform’s courses, and a middle-class or poor aspirant will almost certainly be unable to afford it due to the expensive nature of this course. 

The cost of a year’s course is roughly 60000 to 70000 rupees, and if you purchase it for three years, you may have to pay around 1 lakh rupees and this is definitely a huge price in comparison to other courses.

Tablet and Study Material

If you purchase this course from Byjus then you will receive a tablet from the Byjus, along with a microchip, which will allow you to conveniently access this course.

If you are thinking that you can use this tablet for anything other than watching course material, then my friend you are completely misinformed. This tablet is systematically locked, and you cannot use it for anything else rather than watching Byjus’s study material. 

Byjus IAS Tablet Course Review

However, one pro tip for you is that you can easily unlock this Tablet’s system and there are numerous videos are already available on YouTube.

Experience of Teacher

While advertising this course, Byjus claims that the top educators of the country teach on their platform, which I find hard to believe because we all know that Unacademy is well ahead of Byjus in terms of the quality of an educator.

And right now, India’s best tutors are also considering teaching mostly on Unacademy because Unacademy’s administration offers far better income than Byjus to them and this is the real reality of the Indian online education system. 

On the other hand, if we talk about the teacher’s interaction with the students, then according to research we have come to know that the tutors who teach on Byjus try to interact very well with their students as compared to the platform of Unacademy. Because of this advantage, many aspirants are leaving Unacademy and joining Byju’s IAS tablet course.

Byjus IAS Tablet Course Review

What is Special in Byjus’s IAS Tablet Course?

  • When you purchase BIJUS’s IAS course, you will be provided a tablet with which you can conveniently access the IAS preparation lectures. The unique feature of these lectures is that they are all available in an offline format, so if you prefer not to attend live classes, these pre-recorded lectures might be quite useful.
  • Even if the top educators of India are not educating you at Byjus you should certainly familiar with the fact that every educator who teaches here is extremely qualified, and the majority of Educators have undertaken and passed numerous competitive examinations throughout their careers.
  • One more thing you would like to know about it that there are more than 500 hours of lectures are already available in this course, which might be quite valuable for IAS preparation.
  • You will receive a well-organized study plan as well as the services of a dedicated mentor who will check your preparation on a regular basis as part of this Byjus course. And I am quite assure that this service can definitely help you to gain a new boost in your IAS examination preparation. 
  • The most significant aspect of Biju’s course is that model tests are also organised from this platform, and these model tests are available for both prelims and mains exams, and many students believe that these model tests are designed in a such way that even before taking the IAS exam, taking the prelims examination on a daily basis boosts your morale because this paper thoroughly assesses your knowledge.

Final Words on Byjus’s IAS Tablet Course

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