Queenie Tan (Invest With Queenie Portfolio and Investment Journey)

Invest With Queenie Portfolio and Investment Journey

It is actually not for everyone to earn a good profit by investing in the stock market. Maximum people lose their capital in this market just because they do not know how to invest in this market and invest blindly and this is the foremost reason why they face so many losses.

It is said that if you choose the right strategy for how to invest in the market, then you will never have to lose your money in this market.

In fact, in today’s article, we are going to cover the story of one such superwoman named Queenie Tan who has achieved financial freedom at an early stage of her life just by applying proper investment planning in the stock market.

Well, if you want to know more about Queenie Tan’s Portfolio and her investment journey then kindly please read this article till the end.

Before she dropped out of her marketing degree to look for full-time work, Ms Tan (pictured) says she was living from 'pay cheque to pay cheque', earning just $400 per week

Invest with Queenie Investing Journey

Queenie Tan is a stock market and real estate investor who basically hails from Sydney, Australia.

Along with making her all her investment in the stock market she is also managing her own YouTube channel named Invest with Queenie, where she teaches people about different concepts related to the investing and stock market.

She is Early Adopter

The special thing about Queenie is that she has been investing in the stock market when she was 19 years of age.

Actually, at this age, she had to drop his studies midway due to financial debts and at the same time, she understood the importance of investing her money for future prospects.

Actually, Queenie started her investment career at the age of just 19 with the help of an investment platform named Stockspot with 5000 US dollars.

Stockspot is such an investment platform that helps immensely in diversifying your portfolio, making your investment journey even easier.

Queenie had got a good return from Stockspot’s platform, but at this time she also thought that it is better not to pay any kind of commission to Stockspot and that’s why she started investing her money by herself in the CNC market after withdrawing all her money from the former trading platform.

Invest With Queenie Portfolio

In fact, Queenie then invested all her money in two of Australia’s major companies because she had great faith in the business models of both companies.

This prediction of Fortunately Queenie also proved to be true over time as she has earned a very good return by investing her money in both these companies.

When the market went down in 2018, Facebook’s shares were being sold at a very low price.

By saving and investing a whopping 60 per cent of her income, the driven young YouTuber (pictured) has amassed an extraordinary fortune for someone her age

Due to the market’s collapse, many investors believed that Facebook would never be able to reach its previous highs, and as a result, they began to withdraw their money from the shares by selling them at a minimal-Price.

Queenie, on the other hand, has a different perspective on Facebook.

Since she works in the field of digital marketing, she is fully aware that Facebook’s downfall will be transitory, as the company will regain its share prices when the market recovers in the future owing to its strong business model.

The reason being she invested major chunks of her funds in the same organization. When the market began to recover in the year 2019, Queenie’s prognosis regarding Facebook proved to be completely true, as everybody who had invested in the company’s stock had made a significant profit.

Queenie began her investing adventure with $5000 and has built her portfolio to $50,000 in just four years.

Overachieving marketing manager Queenie Tan (pictured) has managed to invest $2,000 a month for the past six years - and she only just turned 25

As a result, she has been able to invest in real estate with the money she earns and has been able to buy her own home with her fiancé, particularly in a high-profile city like Sydney. Truly Queenie’s journey is very inspirational.

It is important to comprehend one thing about Queenie is that she is one of the few people who has experienced the volatility of cryptocurrency pricing since there was a point that came in her investment journey when she lost $20,000 in this market. She was also successful in regaining her independence after that.

Final Conclusion on Invest With Queenie Portfolio and Investment Journey

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