Things You Wouldn’t Like to Miss About Prasad Lendwe From FinnovationZ YouTube Channel

FinnovationZ YouTube Channel

Well if you are Learning about the stock market and personal finance through YouTube, then you must be well aware that FinnovationZ is a very important channel for learning the same things.

In fact, if you are a complete beginner in the stock market and financial world, then you can learn about finance in a very simple way with the help of this YouTube channel which was founded by Mr. Prasad Lendwe who is one of the fine financial educators of all time right now in India.

Prasad Lendwe is the stock market and personal finance educator, mentor, investor, and entrepreneur who is well known amongst the Indians for his YouTube channel named FinnovationZ and along with managing this YouTube channel, he is also managing one website named

So, basically, we are going to share some important information related to Mr. Prasad Lendwe who is the founder and owner of a YouTube channel named FinnovationZ. If you are also someone who is also looking for the same then kindly read this article till the end.

Mr. Prasad Lendwe Biography

As we have already told you that Prasad Landve is a Financial Educator, YouTuber, and Investor who is very popular among young people in India.

Prasad has been an engineering student and after doing his diploma, he has also got an engineering degree from one of the reputed engineering colleges of Pune.

Prasad was very much interested in financial things from the beginning and this is the main reason why he never got much interest in studying engineering subjects.

Prasad Lendwe: The Story of the New-Age Financial Whiz

In fact, Prasad adopted financial education also the very earliest stages of his life when he was studying for a diploma in engineering and used to read lots of books, newspapers, and magazines which are generally related to business and finance.

Commencing of FinnovationZ YouTube Channel

As we have already told you that Prasad had a lot of interest in finance-related topics since the beginning and that’s why he started his own YouTube channel FinnovationZ in the year 2014 itself and also uploaded one video related to the stock market.

This was the era when even 2G internet did not work properly in India and the 4G was actually far away from its actual beginning.

Prasad’s first video got a very good response from the beginning and his subscribers started messaging and calling him demanding to upload more videos related to finance and from here Prasad started becoming a full-time YouTuber and financial educator.

According to Prasad, all the credit of success on his YouTube channel must go to his subscribers because they timely suggested him to make finance-related videos on various topics, with the help of which his channel has been able to grow so much today and right now having a subscribers more than 5 Lakhs.

In fact, if you are a beginner and want to dig deep into a lot of things related to personal finance and business from scratch, then believe us when we say that you cannot find a better YouTube channel than this to learn all the things from the scratch.

Today’s time prasad has a really very creative team to manage his business and he is also managing his website named along with a YouTube channel where many blogs are published on time to time and you can also visit this website and can read so many blogs to enhance your finance-related knowledge.

Prasad’s Journey is actually really very special because coming from an engineering background and learning finance deeply is not an easy task at all because the engineering subjects and financial education is totally two different things and if one has to masters in a financial education then he actually has to work really very hard and we are quite sure that Prasad has worked really very hard to acquire all the knowledge in detail.

Final Conclusion on Prasad Lendwe From FinnovationZ YouTube Channel

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