[100% Perfect Answer] Why Sales After B.Tech?

[100% Perfect Answer] Why Sales After B.Tech?

Friends, every year thousands of engineers are graduating from engineering colleges in India and as a result, many of them are unable to find employment in the technical field.

As a result of this, many engineers consider working in disciplines other than engineering, such as sales, and they attend too many interviews for such opportunities.

Friends, we all know that engineering is the only discipline in India where you can learn almost everything.

Why Engineers applying for Sales Jobs?

 A person who has studied engineering has very good knowledge in the field of management as well as the technical field too because both are taught extremely well in engineering studies.

Companies are fully aware that hiring engineering graduates could be a wise move for their business because an engineering graduate is the best student of his college and high school years. As a result, he is a true master of technical abilities.

Whenever an engineering person applies for a sales job, at that time he is definitely asked this one question in the interview that “Why Sales after B. Tech?” Well, in this article we will give you the best answer to this question so you can easily use this answer in your interview.

Why Sales After B.Tech?

When you apply for a sales job after graduating from engineering college, you should be prepared that the interviewer will almost certainly ask you this question and you must have to keep in mind that you must have to give the best answer for this question in order to crack the interview easily. 

In this article, we have shared some best answers and tips for that particular question’s answer. So, kindly please read this article till the end.

[100% Perfect Answer] Why Sales After B.Tech?

(1) Research about Basics of Sales Before Interview

Because the interviewer is well aware that you belong to the field of engineering so that you will not have much expertise with marketing and sales and that’s why he will definitely ask you a question related to the same domain.

However, when you’re in such a situation after understanding certain sales fundamentals, you will be able to answer his questions with ease and provide valuable responses.  

You don’t need to know much about sales to give an interview, and you can quickly answer this question by learning only the essentials.

When you keep product details in your mind while having a technical background, an interviewer is sure to be impressed. That is why we would suggest to you right now that doing some research on sales and product marketing will be really beneficial.

(2) Tell Interviewer that You are a problem solver

If you’re an engineer, keep in mind that you’ve spent your entire technical career developing solutions to problems, and you should use this advantage in the interview as well.

You can inform the interviewer that you’ve solved a lot of difficulties in engineering, and as a result, you have also the ability to apply those skills in sales too and this answer may impress any interviewer easily. 

You can also inform the interviewer that you are a master in technical fields as well as management skills and that if a team is assigned to you in the future then you will definitely be able to handle it with ease. Trust us that this answer of yours can help you a lot in cracking this interview.

(3) Be Honest With Your Engineering Background

If you are not interested in working in the field of engineering after graduating from college, you may inform the interviewer.

You can state in your justification that after four years of studying engineering, you believe that you are not cut out for this sector, and as a result, you are looking for other career choices, one of which is sales.

Many people do not find jobs after graduating from engineering college and that’s why many individuals seek employment in other fields.

If you are someone who falls into this category then feel free to tell the interviewer about the same because sometimes your honesty can also be very helpful to get any kind of sales job when you are coming from an engineering background. 

(4) Do Basic Research about Company’s Product

We’ve seen that when people apply for product marketing and sales roles, they don’t undertake much research on the company’s product and this is the main reason why they have a hard time clearing the interview.  Being an engineer is a challenging job.

When you take an exam like a Viva in engineering college, you do some research and then you can also apply the same technique to this interview as well, and believe me, you will reap a lot of benefits as a result of this. can also be discovered.

Final Conclusion on Why Sales after B.Tech?

Friends, this question is frequently asked in Byju’s Business Development Executive interview in recent times and we really hope that this answer will definitely help you in cracking the interview. 

Friends, we really hope that you have liked this article related to  Byju’s Product Specialist job Profile really very much.

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