Oizom Company is Providing Best Solution for Air Quality Monitoring.

Air pollution is currently one of the most serious global issues. Every year, many people lose their lives because of this issue, and many others are impacted. This problem has become a primary concern issue in metropolitan areas, where the maximum number of people live together.

To keep air pollution under control, it is critical to gather data on the number of air pollutants present in the air, because only by collecting data we can educate ourselves about how to control air pollution. 

Oizom company has focused its attention on this global problem and has created a product that gives you the actual information about the number of air pollutants available in the air around you.

Oizom company has so far delivered its product to more than 3000 customers. This company is also conducting its business in many major cities across the country and also their products are being sold in more than 8 countries as well.

Oizom company has made a significant contribution to solving serious problems like air pollution and has made a different identity on the world stage. The company has also established one of the best business models across the globe by making superb quality air pollutant measurement devices.

How did Oizom Company Started?

Ankit Vyas, Rushank Vyas, and Sohail Patel of Ahmedabad founded the Oizom company. All three individuals founded this company by leaving their former occupations, and they created a solution that addressed environmental issues such as air pollution.

Sohel Patel described their journey by saying that he had previously worked as a solutions developer in the technical field, whereas Rushank Vyas and Ankit Vyas worked in product design, and as a result, they didn’t have wasted much time in their product manufacturing. 

Their real problem started when they built the product, and then it was time to sell. They were well aware that the product is cheap and also it has some certain advantages over other similar products, still, it was not so inexpensive that the common person could afford it. That is why they started contacting organizations that already working with government authorities, such as AMC.

Fortunately, they were able to contact Ahmedabad Municipal Corporation through one company, and it has placed the first order for their project to proceed to them. This was their first significant order from a major corporation. After this, the Oizom never looked back again and their owners are also enjoying the success of their initial struggles. 

Final Words on Oizom Company and Air Quality Monitoring Device

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