What Software Engineers Really Do? – Ft. Nishant Chahar Biography

Nishant Chahar is my name. I work as a software developer. So now I’m going to remove all of your doubts. I’ve been here for almost a year. As a result, I’ve seen everything. In the office, how does work get done? And, other than that, what was the situation like while we worked from home?

I’m going to inform you about everything. So, without further ado, let’s begin the video. Do software engineers spend all of their time codings? Alternatively, they can chill. Everyone has doubts from time to time. So this isn’t the case. We also go on adventures and have fun. I’m sure you saw me. I’m always chilling because I travel a lot. So it’s not as if all you have to do is code. We carry out a lot of things. 

After that, software programmers understand. They read it and think to themselves, “OK, this is how it is.” They inquire if they have any doubts. And 2-3 meetings take place in this manner. Then it appears that software engineers are unable to meet certain specifications.

This is not going to happen. The platform does not support it. Or there’s another reason So you talk to your PMs about it? The design team is the next step after that. The design team keeps its entire feature ready. If you’re working on a web, app, or mobile project, you’ll need a design team. Because software engineers don’t have a lot of experience with user interfaces, the design team will provide you with everything you need.

All you have to do now is use code to duplicate it. So that’s the whole picture. So, that’s how it works. Then there’s the question of how much DSA is used. To be honest, DSA is dependent on the project you’re working on. If you’re a backend developer, As a result, data structures will be heavily utilized.

If you’re only working on the front end, you won’t need as many data structures. In this sense, everything is dependent on a variety of factors. Some people work in the service industry. Some persons are in charge of the backend. Some persons are in charge of the front end. And these roles aren’t set in stone. If you work as a software developer.

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