Nas Daily is Hypocrite?

Nas daily is a massive content producer. It’s all about optimism, compassion, and love, but he recently produced a video in which he was showing people around a Japanese fish market, and he’s gotten a lot of flak for it. People who were enraged by that video were animal rights activists.

I had no idea fish was such a delicate subject, and I should be ashamed of myself for causing such a stir. So here’s the first bit of manipulation, and I don’t blame you if you missed it because it’s incredibly subtle and nicely done.

He’s done what’s known as primer priming in this case. the audience, preparing them for a later point that he wants you to endorse. When he adds that evidently fish is a sensitive matter, it’s meant to be hilarious, he’s done it with deceptive words. It’s aimed to downplay the severity of the criticism. Acting is what he’s doing here.

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Nas Daily is Hypocrite?

What is the Actual Story?

Well, he knows that the anger and backlash were not just because of fish being a sensitive topic; he knows that the real issue that people are upset about is animal cruelty.

And that when people do this, they get picked on by someone like him because he’s supposedly preaching compassion, love, and all these lovely things.

People are upset with him because he promotes and advocates violence against animals, and they’re unhappy because he’s a hypocrite.

Look, you’re right, in a few years I’ll probably become a vegetarian myself simply because we don’t need meat to thrive.

What is the 2nd Reason?

Here’s his second primer to help you understand what he’s saying. He’s trying to show you that he’s like you, that we’re on the same page, that I agree with you, and that I’m on board with you.

When he’s really not on board with the people who backlashed and the people who came back and got angry with him, he understands that this is violence, and it’s unnecessary violence towards animals.

He also has to acknowledge that he’s contributing to this violence for nothing more than his own personal pleasure and convenience, which directly contradicts his worldview of compassion and love for all.

So either he agrees and believes in love, compassion, and pleasure violence, or he doesn’t agree and is simply saying it to get you on his side and make you believe he’s a decent person.

What it really does is expose the tremendous discrepancy between what he says and what he does, between what he believes and what he acts. Humans also don’t need you to demonize them.

Some Other Points to Consider

What he’s been up to in the lead-up to his answer to people calling him out on it is terrible, which is why he required the two primers before responding.

If he actually agreed with the people, as he claimed, he would understand why they act in this way and why people are often angry about these topics, and his final point of that section, claiming that he’s getting all this crap simply for eating what these people don’t eat, is an attempt to make the backlash seem silly and insignificant by playing down this point.

Final Conclusion on Nas Daily is Hypocrite

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