My Honest Review on Awal Spoken English Speaking English Course

My Honest Review on Awal Spoken English Speaking English Course

Friends, in today’s time, the dilemma of maximum individuals in India is that they can’t speak the English language properly and as a result, they always feel that they are very low on their self-confidence and that is the reason why they are unable to achieve an advance position in their respective professional career.

The biggest issue with this type of individual is that they do not rehearse speaking English very well, which is why they are unable to master it. After all, English is a language that needs constant practice in order to get high command of it. 

However, at the current time, the popularity of YouTube has surged in India, and as a result, many people using their YouTube channels to teach others how to speak English flawlessly.

Which YouTube Channel is best to learn the Spoken English Course?

It has long been a concern with YouTube that whenever you search for a video, it returns a multiplicity of results, leaving you baffled as to which video to watch and which not to.

When you use a digital medium to study English, it is critical for you to select the correct educator and the correct YouTube channel in order to learn spoken English easily. 

Although there are numerous YouTube channels that can provide you a wealth of knowledge regarding spoken English. But, I personally subscribe to the channel of an educator named Awal Madaan.

My Honest Review on Awal Spoken English Speaking English Course

Awal Madan is one of the most popular educators especially in the spoken English domain in an Indian YouTube community. There are millions of people following him and his channel to learn spoken English from the scratch. He also has millions of subscribers already subscribed to his YouTube channel.

Awal Madan has also introduced a spoken English course, which costs 999 rupees. Let me endeavor to provide you some critical information concerning this course.

Before you come up with any kind of assumptions I really wanted to clear the fact that this video is not any kind of sponsored article and I will try my best to figure out the best information regarding this course.

Review on Awal Spoken English Speaking English Course

See, one thing is that anyone who is familiar with the name Awal Madan knows that he is one of India’s most effective spoken English educators and that his method of teaching English seems to be quite successful. 

He uses real-life examples to teach all types of phrases in English, and as a result, people who are learning English from him praised his techniques so much. 

Friends, For your kind information I would like to tell you that I personally also follow Awal Madan’s English channel and watch his videos quite often. I also like his method of teaching very much but that does not mean that I will ask you to purchase his spoken English course.

If you are following Awal Madan, then are well aware that all the videos posted on his channel are never in the format of a regular course and the concept of all types of videos is also quite random and being honest with you all I would like to tell you that you will never be going to learn spoken English from scratch through his videos.

Why I don’t recommend this course?

To learn any language, you must first understand the grammatical rules and sentence structure of that language and at the same time it is very important for you to have some knowledge about the same basic things of the same language and I personally feel that you are not going to get all of these things in Awal Madan’s course either. 

I often get the feeling that Awal Madan creates videos by taking random lines from a dictionary and presets them with real-life examples, which is why we enjoy all of his videos.

My Honest Review on Awal Spoken English Speaking English Course

But, after thinking in deep, I came to a conclusion that English can never be learned simply by watching random movies, and to learn English someone has to start with the basics and have to gradually build a good command of grammar. 

Another problem I have seen in Awal sir’s video is that he never explains the video in English. I believe that without understanding the content in the English Language, how someone can teach spoken English courses. So that’s it that was my honest opinion about his spoken English course and now it is totally up to you whether you should buy it or not.

Final Words on Review on Awal Spoken English Speaking English Course

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