Mukul Malik Aka Asset Yogi Biography, Income, Investment, and Portfolio.

There is a severe shortage of financial literacy in India. According to one report, less than 24 percent of people in India are aware of financial literacy.

For a country like India which has a population of more than 140 Crore, these numbers are really very shameful.

One most common reason behind financial illiteracy in India is that maximum people are not educated properly and investing in the share market is considered gambling.

Even I have seen many people, who still consider the stock market as a total scam as they aren’t familiar with it.

After the arrival of Jio, YouTube has developed a lot in India. Many YouTubers have started their own YouTube channel on various topics. so do some YouTubers who also started channels related to finance.

CA Rachana Ranade, Asset Yogi, and Pranjal Kamra are some of the most popular financial YouTubers in India, who are doing their best job to spread maximum financial literacy in India.

However, In this article, we’re going to talk much about Asset Yogi aka Mukul Malik. If you really want to know more about Asset Yogi then kindly read this article, till the end.

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Who is Asset Yogi?

The real name of Asset Yogi is Mukul Malik. Mukul runs a finance-related YouTube channel named Asset Yogi on YouTube. Through this channel, he is educating many youngsters about personal finance, the stock market, and banking.

Today this channel of Asset Yogi is followed by more than 2 million people today and its followers keep increasing day by day.

According to my best research, this YouTube channel has the ability to become the best YouTube channel in the history of Indian finance.

Mukul Malik believes that he not only wants to teach finance to the people, but he also wants to make each of his subscribers understand how to become financially stable in their life.

That is why he is making maximum efforts on his YouTube channel by researching and presenting various finance-related videos to his subscribers.

Mukul Malik aka asset yogi Biography

Mukul Malik aka Asset Yogi Education

You will be surprised to know that Asset Yogi does not belong to financial educational background.

Mukul had completed his basic graduation in Nautical Science in 2003 and soon after completing his graduation, he joined the merchant navy, where he worked for almost 4 years.

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Mukul Malik Early Career

After working for 4 years in Merchant Navy, Mukul did his MBA in the field of Finance and Marketing. Post-MBA, He also worked as a financial model developer for 5 years in a company named Larsen & Tubro.

Mukul is someone who developed his interest in the sector of Business and Finance after completing his MBA education.

That’s why In the year 2014, He left his full-time job and started blogging in the sector of finance.

He has literally done so much hard work as we all know that things like blogging take very much time to get any kind of success.

Mukul Malik did successful blogging from 2014 to 2017 in the sector of finance, banking management, and real estate.

Side by side he was also working for some companies as their financial consultant.

His first website is still available and it is live on the internet and he is still earning a decent amount of money from here.

Why did Mukul Malik Started Asset Yogi YouTube Channel?

Jio was launched in India in 2016 by Mukesh Ambani. After the arrival of Jio in India, the Internet had become much cheaper and at this time the number of people using YouTube in India had also increased.

In the year, Mukul also started one of his finance-related YouTube channels. This channel was named Asset Yogi, adopting the name of his first-ever website.

According to Mukul, his motive behind starting this YouTube channel was to spread financial literacy in India.

According to him, when he started his own YouTube channel, there were very fewer numbers channels that were active especially in the finance sector, and also their content was scrap too.

Initially, Asset Yogi posted its content in the Engish language and covered almost all the topics related to real estate. All these videos got a huge amount of positive appreciation from the viewers.

Mukul Malik Aka asset yogi Biography and Investment

After getting huge demand from his subscribers Mukul finally started posting videos in the native Hindi language.

Mukul has grown his YouTube channel Asset Yogi notably well in the past 3 years. Today this YouTube channel has already gained millions of followers.

Asset Yogi has tried to cover every topic from Personal Finance, Banking, Real Estate to Mutual Funds, and also every small topic of finance in the Hindi language on his channel.

The best thing is that he got huge support from his followers too.

Today Asset Yogi YouTube channel is considered one of the fastest-growing YouTube channels in the sector of Indian finance.

Final Words on Mukul Malik Aka Asset Yogi Biography

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