Meet The Most Humble Crypto Billionaire

This is the world’s wealthiest crypto investor, and you’ve never heard of him. His name is Cede. Despite the fact that he amassed a fortune of over $60 billion, his mother still referred to him as “dumb.”

Let me tell you about his wonderful story. Were you surprised at how huge it became? Yes, I was. Because he is just a regular person who was born in China, grew up in Vancouver, and now lives in Dubai, his extraordinary narrative begins in 2013 at a poker table.

He was playing poker with a few of his pals when one of them asked, “Hey, have you heard about bitcoin?” Bitcoin was new at the time, and he had no idea what it was.

So, when I first heard about bitcoin, I was like, bitcoin, what is it? The word sounded wonderful, and two of my buddies were talking about how this is the internet money for the internet, and I was like, uh, this is amazing. Most people would continue to play poker and mock bitcoin, but he did not because he wanted to learn about it.

Most Humble Crypto Billionaire

He downloaded the bitcoin white paper, printed it, and read it word for word.

This white paper is only nine pages long, but I knew this is the future for money a few months later he became convinced that cryptocurrency is going to be the future and it was going to stay when I first used email.

You know I knew it was going to stay it was so much easier when you first used social media you just knew and when I came across bitcoin I knew this was going to stay his conviction was so strong that he sold his entire apartment.

Most people thought he was insane, and they were correct; Bitcoin dropped by 70% in the next two months, and he lost $700,000. His own mother warned him he was a dunderhead for squandering so much cash. 

So my mother is like, “You stupid kid, why can’t you be like other people and get a nice job in a corporate bitcoin cryptocurrencies back in 2013-2014 for me was one of those really unique opportunities where it was early stage and only a small number of people got it and it’s going to be a huge future,”

I told myself I wasn’t going to miss it because it was a once-in-a-lifetime opportunity. He stopped playing poker, he stopped all of his hobbies, he quit his job, he left his friends and worked on blockchain technology from 9 a.m. to midnight seven days a week for five years.

He eventually launched Binance, a crypto exchange where users can buy and sell crypto to each other, and it quickly grew in popularity.

Finance became the world’s largest crypto exchange in five years, with over 100 million customers. Were you surprised that it grew so quickly? When we first launched, I told my staff, “Let’s strive for the worst top ten exchange in three years but we got there in six months in the top one.”

Final Conclusion on Most Humble Crypto Billionaire

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