Mobile Bill is Paid But Still Network Provider is Harassing?

Many individuals wonder why, even after paying their mobile SIM card or network provider’s payment, the company continues to harass them by sending texts and calls, and how they can get legal assistance if this happens again and again. Let’s take a closer look at these concerns.

In fact, the fact is that due to lack of compilation between various departments in the offices of the network providing companies, the customers have to face harassment again and again even after the bill payment is done.

This should be stopped anyway and you can also take legal assistance if you are experiencing the same issues again and again.

Look, I’d want to explain something to you using an example. My close buddy has a phone with two SIM cards. One of the two SIM cards was from the Bharti Airtel firm.

Despite the fact that he had paid his payment on time, he was constantly phoned by a company representative and requested to pay the bill.

Despite his efforts to provide an explanation, he was repeatedly requested for the bill’s receipt number and date at the time.

Finally, fed up with the whole thing, my acquaintance filed a complaint in court against the company.

After hearing both side’s arguments, the consumer judges decided that the customer should be compensated with 5000 rupees.

In this way, if you are concerned by the network provider companies’ arbitrariness, you may submit a court petition against them and receive due justice.

This is an indication of the present situation. Various cases involving the same concerns have already been filed, and the network providers have given various compensations to their customers after receiving the court’s decision.

In this sense, we might conclude that we all have the right to seek proper redress from network providers if they attempt to harass us.

Calling clients on a regular basis despite the fact that they have paid their bills is considered unfair trade activities, and consumers can seek compensation through the judicial process.

Final Conclusion on Mobile Bill is Paid But Still Network Provider is Harassing

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