MLA or IAS: Who is the Most Powerful?

What exactly is power? Simply defined, it’s the capacity to accomplish assignments.

Let’s compare a District Collector to a Member of the Legislative Assembly.

Despite weakening during its development from its British lineage, the Collector’s institution still has a great deal of power, and properly so, because district administration is at the leading edge of managing contradictions and upholding the rule of law.

Collectors have the authority to manage and enforce law and order, revenue and land, and development initiatives. Even now, the Collector’s institution enjoys public confidence and respect.

  • An MLA, on the other hand, serves on different committees at the district level, but he is only one of many, and on the development side, he competes with members of Panchayati Raj Institutions.
  • His official power is restricted. MLAs from the ruling party, on the other hand, may wield enormous informal authority in terms of influencing local transfers and postings, as well as the awarding of arms licenses and contracts.
  • Such power is, once again, individualized. On the one hand, there is an interesting inverse relationship between the quality of governance and the Chief Minister’s authority, and on the other, the strength and influence of local MLAs.In India, however, the majority of people believe that regardless of whether a politician is an MLA or an MP, his power always rests with the power of the collector. Because only someone who can pass a difficult exam like the UPSC can become a district collector, and as a result, his opinions are given greater importance in society.

What is the Dark Truth?

MLAs have become the face of political parties in their areas as a result of fierce rivalry between political parties.

MLAs have extensive authority since they are the face of the party and operate as a link between the party and the public.

Every government-nominated position in the constituency must be filled or appointed by those who have the MLA’s approval.

Even Police Station House Officers are selected according to the wishes of the local governing party MLA if the MLA is from the ruling party.

He has the authority to direct the government to perform a certain task.

As a result, the MLA is virtually strong in this constituency.

Final Conclusion on MLA or IAS: Who is the Most Powerful

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