Mini Gujarat in London: Gujarati People are Really very Amazing.

London is one of the most beautiful, reputed and attractive cities in the world. This beautiful city has already attracted many visitors from around the world. (Mini Gujarat in London)

This city is amazingly beautiful and many visitors had made this city their permanent resident. Indians and especially Gujarati people are always fascinated to visit London once in their lifetime.

By the way, people from many countries have come and settled in London and have also made it their hometown.

There is a city named Wembley in London where most of the Indian people live. Out of these Indian people, there are more than 90% of Indians are Gujarati and they basically hail from Gujarat.

Many people of London recognize Wembley as Mini India but due to the majority of the Gujarati people living here, nowadays it is also recognized as “Mini Gujarat of London”.

Here in this article, I am going to share the exact reasons why Wembly is called Mini Gujarat. Please read this article, till the end.

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Why Wembley is called Mini Gujarat of London?

It is said about Gujarati people that wherever they go, they make that place their own. It is also said that these people are business-minded since from their childhood and that’s why they can do business in any corner of the globe.

If we also talk about the world’s most successful businessmen around the world, then we can definitely see the dominance of Gujarati people in it. People like Adani, Ambani, Azim Premji, Jamshed Tata basically hail from Gujarat.

You also get to see the dominance of Gujarati people in the field of business in Wembley, London. These people came here and settled, did small or big jobs in the beginning and today maximum Gujarati people are doing their own business here.

If you ever visit the city of Wembley, you will come across Gujarati food and fashion shops. Out of all the shops here, 90 percent of the shops are run by these people who basically hails from Gujarat.

In fact, some of the Gujarati people are settled here since the 1980s. The most amazing thing is that now Wembly has become their hometown.

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Gujarati Culture is clearly seen here in Wembly

One special thing about Gujarati people is that wherever they go, they definitely leave their impact there. One of his specialties is that they mix with any type of people and also establishes a good relationship with them.

Due to the majority of the Gujarati people in Wembly, festivals like Navratri, Rakshabandhan, Diwali, and Gujarati New Year are celebrated with great pomp here by these people.

The truth is that many foreigners love Garba very much and whenever it is organized here during the Navratri festival, these foreign people definitely come here to enjoy it.

Gujarati people living here had built many temples in Wembly to worship their lord. A church that has come here is also run by the Gujarati people. In this way, you definitely get to see Gujarati religion and culture in Wembley.

Native People are in Love with Gujarati food.

Gujarati food is recognized as one of the best food around the globe. It consists of assorted delicious items like Khaman, Fafda, Dhokla, Khandvi, Khakhra, etc. Even the Gujarati dishes are also famous amongst foreigners.

Wembley is the only place in London (I would rather say in whole Europe), where you will be able to enjoy the best quality of Gujarati food. That is the reason why many Gujarati people and native foreigners come here to enjoy Gujarati food with their friends and family.

It is said that some foreigners have liked Gujarati food so much that they have also become regular customers here. This is the reason why Gujarati people earning a lot of money here, from the food business. They all are collectively spending this hard-earned money to develop the Gujarati community much stronger in London.

Final Words on Mini Gujarat in London.

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