Magnet Brains Free Education

Magnet Brains Free Education: Here is the Actual Reality

Friends, as we all know that there are numerous numbers of educational channels are available on YouTube. Some channels are paid while some are absolutely free. You can learn about various skills on that particular educational channel.

Being an Engineer plus MBA graduate, I always feel that education is a basic right of any Indian child and it must be free. Even the Indian Government has taken many initiatives in the education sector and made basic education free for all.

But deep inside, we all know that the Indian education system is totally crap and a waste of money. It just believes in theoretical knowledge rather than practical knowledge and I personally believe that this the original reason for the unemployment of educated people.

Friends, if you also want to learn any new skills by getting out of the old education system, then, first of all, you have to strengthen your basic education. That’s why we recommending you to subscribe Magnet Brains channel.

What is Magnet Brains and How it Works?

Magnet Brains is a well-known software company in India and it works for automation software with very bigger and targeted clients of the United States of America. The turnover of this company is very high and it is one of the most successful companies in the field of information technology.

This company named Magnet Brains has developed very successful projects for many clients in America. That’s why the company has no shortage of clients. The fact is that this company is earning a huge amount of profit through its routine business operations.

Magnet Brains Free Education

Why Magnet Brains is providing free education to all?

Corporate Social Responsibility is a part of every Company’s annexure. It is the responsibility of every company to spend a part of the profit from its business for society as well. It is actually a moral responsibility of every company working in India.

Magnet Bran’s Management also strongly believes in the trends of CSR. That’s why the management had decided to spend a part of its revenue for the society, after discussing with their owners. Today, this company is also very active in the field of education with a motive of free education to all.

Friends, I can surely say that you must have thought of doing some social service at one point in time. But, maybe you are unable to do it for one or another reason. However, Magnet Brains company is different from us and their owners had taken some serious steps for the social service.

Magnet Brain company’s owners believe that education should be absolutely free in India and that is why they want to give free education to all the children of India. This the actual reason why they started their own YouTube channel and providing free education to all via their YouTube channel.

Why you must have to join Magnet Brains?

Now, you might be wondering in your mind that there are numerous numbers of channels are already available on YouTube especially in the educational sector, then why should I join or subscribe to Magnet Brain’s YouTube channel? Well, I have some valid points to clear your doubts.

I myself a loyal subscriber of Magnet Brains YouTube channel and studied many subjects related to finance and business from here and my experience with them is quite well till now.

The best part about Magnet Brain’s YouTube channel is that they are hiring well-educated professionals as their tutors also paying a very high amount of money as a monthly salary. That is the reason why they are able to provide free and knowledgeable education to all.

On this educational channel, all videos related to almost all subjects of 4th class to 12th class are available for absolutely free. You can learn all the things very easily in one place via subscribing to this YouTube Channel.

I want to clarify that this is not some kind of the sponsored post. I just shared this article, because I personally believe that Magnet Brains is doing absolute good work and everyone must have take benefits from this educational system.

Why Magnet Brains is not providing free notes to the students?

Now you might be wondering that if Magnet Brains is providing free education service then why they kept notes paid? Well, there is a valid reason behind it. We all know that Magnet Brains is spending a lot on their YouTube channel and paying a lot to all the tutors, who all are highly educated and qualified.

According to Magnet Brain’s owners, when they sell their notes to someone they collect some amount of revenue, and from this revenue, they are trying to cover up their expenditure by paying salaries to the highly qualified teachers and professors.

One of its owners is also stated that “We are creating one sustainable educational system, that’s why we decided to take a very small amount of money from our beloved students for notes. If the system is sustainable, then it can work for a long time”.

Final words on Magnet Brains Free Education

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