List of Mines You Can Work in Canada

The Canadian mining industry is well known for its high standardsof sustainability and ethical practices and when combined with a stable political landscape.

It’s no surprise that Canada is one of the best mining jurisdictions in the world, Canada also has a diverse set of minerals and therefore there are many types of mines you can work at in Canada, and here are eight examples of these mines.

List of Mines You Can Work in Canada

  1. Copper Mountain

Copper Mountain is a traditional open-pit truck and shovel operation 20 kilometers south of Princeton, British Columbia.

It’s a copper-gold pour-free deposit with a 31-year estimated man life. In another part of the bc province, we have the tex fording river coal mine, which is located 29 kilometers northeast of the elder community.

The coal mine here is used to produce metallurgical coal, which is essential in the production of copper.

The mountain is proud of its commitment to achieving the mining association of Canada’s Towards sustainable mining standards, including having the double tailings management rating in early 2020, which is the second-highest level rating a mining company can get.

The mine is expected to last for another 43 years based on proven and probable reserves. 

2. The Uranium Mine

The uranium mine is utilized to generate carbon-free electricity in nuclear reactors all over the world.

The cigar lakes or deposit is difficult to mine and necessitates a unique binding method known as jet boring, which involves freezing the ore and hose rock to minus 40 degrees Celsius before using a series of drill holes and high-pressure water jets to bore through the ore body while the loose ore is collected beneath in the province of Ontario.

3. Gold Mine

It is a fly-in, fly-out gold mine located about 500 kilometers north of Thunder Bay.

The mining methods employed in this operation include both overhand and underhand cut and fill, as well as long-hole stopping.

4. Iron Mine

The existing iron ore Canada activities in Labrador City, Newfoundland, and Labrador, will be extended for another 50 years,, according to the company.

Apart from the announcement of the mine’s opening in 2018, little is known about it in the public domain.

Iron ore products are exported to consumers all over the world, including the United States, the Middle East, Europe, and Asia.

The Diavik diamond mine is located in the northwest territories, 305 kilometers northeast of Yellow Knife.

It is both an open pit and an underground mine, but due to the harsh northern weather and the surrounding water, it encounters some of the most difficult mining circumstances.

This diamond mine also has a hybrid wind-diesel power plant, which has lowered overall greenhouse gas emissions by 73000 tonnes since 2012 by offsetting divex diesel use by over 26 million gallons.

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