Why I Choose Mining Engineering as a Career Ft. Kwang Fung Biography

Kwang Fung Biography

You have heard a little bit about what mining engineering is but you’re not totally sure if this is the right career for you.

So, today what I’ll talk about is the exact story about how I ended up choosing mining engineering and sort of the thought process along the way and the specific qualities that made me choose mining engineering as a career.

So, let’s just get started here so first I’ll start off with a story. so the story actually started in high school when I was about in grade 8.

What You Would Like to Know About My Journey?

My mother purchased an earth science textbook from a yard sale, and this earth science textbook was intended for students in grades 10 and up.

So it’s a few grades higher than what I was currently at, but I was curious about earth science, so I started flipping through the textbook and just started reading a little bit about it, and I just started getting intrigued about it.

It was something that piqued my interest, and the more I read into it, the more interested I became, and so that was sort of the first encounter, and a few years later I actually went on a field trip to a museum called the dynamic earth museum actually is also known as the big nickel mine because there’s a big giant nickel right outside of the museum. 

Throughout the test line, I was perplexed as to how they know exactly where to dig and how they develop all these massive underground networks of tunnels, and I was just super curious about how this mining process worked as a whole, and that’s when I became more interested in what mining is, and then a few more years later.

So after I graduated from high school and was accepted into university, I began researching more online about mining engineering and the mining industry, and then I came across a television show called mining your future, which follows two hosts as they travel across British Columbia learning about various mining operations. Then after I started figuring out various job opportunities in the coal mining sector. 

And That’s how my journey as a mining engineer started.

Final Conclusion on Ft. Kwang Fung Biography

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