Kanishka Thakur – A Career Counselor Who is Changing the Lives of So Many People.

Kanishka Thakur – A Career Counselor

Have you ever seen a person who has selected a wrong career choice in his/her life and later made a successful career by diverting himself to some other field? By the way, if you go to find such examples in practical life, you will find many examples and Kanishka Thakur is one of those few people.

Kanishka Thakur is a Motivational Speaker and Career Counsellor, who considers herself as a forever learning student aiming at gaining maximum knowledge from everywhere. She also provides part-time, work from home jobs to the needy in specific niches.
 She has an overall working experience in the industry since the past 6 years and professionally in this business since the past 2 years.

Kanishka Thakur took admission in Engineering degree at the behest of his parents and later when after 6 months, she started having a lot of trouble in understanding the subjects of engineering, then she understood that she was not made for engineering and later on she started carving other career options along with engineering.

Kanishka Thakur’s determination was repeatedly pushing her to do something other than engineering and finally, she took admission in arts along with engineering and passed degrees in both streams simultaneously with the flying numbers of colors.

Meanwhile, we are living in a society wherein today’s time the normal students face difficulty in passing the examination of any Bachelor’s degrees, Kanishka had achieved two degrees at the same time. Lady, you are such an inspiration for all !!!

Kanishka is 22 years old, and has done her Bachelors of Engineering (E&TC) and Bachelors of Arts (Literature & Psychology) simultaneously. She’s also completed her Certification in Career Counselling and Mass Media (Journalism) & Entrepreneurship.

She’s currently freelancing for various Digital Marketing clients, has a government job in the Cantonment Board and also has her own startup called Career With Kanishka where she takes Career Counselling sessions.

She also hosts various programs across India. To help youngsters explore various Career options, she invites people from various expertise to talk about their journey and their Career as an option to provide value on Social Media. You can find more about this on Instagram.

Why Kanishka is So Successful?

Look, if you think that achieving two degrees is not a big deal in today’s time where the internet is booming everywhere, still we consider Kanishka’s journey to be special and we will tell you about it in the next paragraph of this article.

According to Kanishka’s saying, like the rest of the people, if she too could not even blame her parents for taking her admission in engineering college, because she had been reached at this stage only because of her parents. This is the biggest reason why she completed both the engineering and Arts degrees at the same time.

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Kanishka stated clearly in her speech on Josh Talk that she knew that just getting degrees would not help her, so she decided to do several internships and certificate programs along with her academic journey. 

In today’s time, she has established 2 companies in her name and also working as a successful career counselor. She is someone who can literally become an inspiration for someone who has chosen a wrong career option and wants to explore himself or herself in different kinds of career.

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