Kamlesh Modi Foodie

Kamlesh Modi Foodie: Creating Impact in Food Vlogging Industry.

Friends, as we all know that after the arrival of the Jio mobile network in India, people started consuming more data and content on the Internet especially on YouTube.

Jio mobile network is nothing less than a boon for the mission of creating Digital India.

The content creators are increasing day by day on YouTube and they all are making a handsome amount of money through the AdSense monetization process.

We all are aware of those particular things so we are not going to discuss much of it. Instead of that, we are going to discuss a food vlogging venture. Indian

In this article, we will discuss who is Kamlesh Modi I’m a foodie, and Why he is such popular amongst the people of Gujarat. Let’s find out more about Kamlesh Modi foodie via this article.

Who is Kamlesh Modi Foodie?

Kamlesh Modi is one of the most popular food vloggers of Gujarat.

He is active in the world of food Vlogging for the past 3 years and had done vlogging in almost every major city of Gujarat. He is one of the most active YouTubers of Gujarat.

However, his journey of becoming Kamlesh Modi I’m a foodie from Kamlesh Modi is really very inspirational and everyone must know about it.

In this article, we will try to cover all the most important things about Kamlesh Modi Foodie.

Kamlesh Modi Foodie

His younger brother’s name is Chetan Modi. He handles all the technical-related issues of the Kamlesh Modi foodie YouTube channel.

Along with this, he also has his own YouTube channel named “Kabhi Khaaya Kya” based on food vlogging. This channel is also quite popular amongst the food lovers of Gujarat.

Kamlesh Modi Family

Kamlesh Modi was born in Vadodara city of Gujarat and his childhood went in very poor condition. His father was a rickshaw driver.

He has two younger brothers alongside him in his family. We didn’t have much information bout his mother and wife.

Being born in a poor family, Kamlesh always wanted to do something big. He was an average student in studies and failed in class 10th.

After failing in class 10th, he went to Morbi city of Saurashtra to earn some money.

Kamlesh had also got a good job in Morbi and he was earning a good amount every month. But he wanted to be completely independent in his life. That’s why he decided to do something new in his life.

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Kamlesh Modi I’m Foodie YouTube Channel

Kamlesh Modi had entered the world of food vlogging in Morbi itself. He shot his first video with Android mobile.

Fortunately, this video went viral and people liked his content very much. He got immense popularity and huge numbers of subscribers after that.

After this, he never looked back in his life. He started making more and more videos of food vlogging. Soon after getting some fame and popularity, he decided to quit his high-paying job to focus on his food vlogging career.

Today he is considered as one of the most successful YouTubers of Gujarat state and having more than 5 Lakhs plus people following him.

Till now Kamlesh Bhai has visited more than 40 famous cities of Gujarat and has made videos on those city’s famous food.

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Kamlesh Modi Foodie

There are more than 1000 plus videos are already available on his YouTube channel and you can easily watch them in your native Gujarati language.

The best thing about his videos is that he does not always prefer to make videos with high-profile restaurants only. Instead of that, he likes to make videos of street fast food shops.

His 80 percentage videos belong to the small street fast food vendors.

This is the reason why his YouTube channel got immense success in a very short period of time.

His future plans are to go to Dubai and Australia to make videos on food vlogging. We wish good luck to Kamlesh Bhai for success in his new venture.

Kamlesh Modi Foodie YouTube Channel Earning

Although Kamlesh Modi Foodie never revealed his YouTube channel’s earning, still we can easily predict that he is earning more than 3 lakh plus Indian rupees per month via the Google AdSense monetization program.

He is also earning a handsome amount of money via some sponsor videos every month.

Final words on Kamlesh Modi Foodie

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