How to Join in a Byju’s Product Specialist Job Profile?

Byju’s Product Specialist Job Profile

Byju’s has grown to be a trusted brand in India’s online education sector, and the company’s primary goal is to make money by offering more and more premium educational courses to the community.

At the same time, the company wants to retain its existing consumers so that it may raise revenue, and to do so, it hires a lot of educated employees and pays them well.

It is not correct that if you are not an educator then you would be unable to work for Byjus.

Actually, if you have a normal educational background then the professional Business Development Executive (BDA) and Product Specialist at Byjus offers you an excellent opportunity to work in this company with a higher amount of salary package. 

However, in this article, we are not going to talk more about Byju’s Business Development Executive (BDA), Instead of that we would like to tell you about Byju’s product specialist role in detail through this article.

What is a Product Specialist Post in any Organization?

Product Specialist, you probably made the assumption from hearing this name that this individual knows a lot about the company’s existing products and that he solely deals with existing clients.

When some valuable consumer buys your product, it is common to notice that if you provide good service then he will either buy more of your company’s items or refer your product to other clients.

That is why major product selling company is more focusing on their existing customers along with finding new customers and that’s why the role of the product specialist has a very unique aspect. 

In most cases, the role of a Product Specialist in a major company is to focus more on the firm’s existing customers than on selling new items, and as a result, the person working in the company is capable of answering the majority of his customer’s questions in a highly efficient manner and that is why companies are spending lots of money on a product specialist job-profile. 

Department – Post Sales

Sub Department – User Experience

Byju’s Product Specialist Job Description

If you are selected as a product specialist at Byjus then you will be responsible for working with the company’s existing customers, which are mostly parents and students.

Because most of the time you have to deal with the parents and students, your communication skills must be excellent and you should have significant speaking experience English language too because maximum students and parents will communicate with you in English language only. 

How To Crack Byju’s BDA Interview?

So basically Product Specialists are the non-academic mentors who help the customers if they face any kind of issues during their use of Byju’s products i.e. the Tablet and the Learning Application. Issues can be Technical, Logistics related, or any other kind of issues where they need general guidance.

When you start working as a Product Specialist at Byjus, the company’s management will provide you the phone numbers of some existing customers, which you must use to connect with them and if they have any doubts and queries then you must have to solve in on an immediate basis. 

However, one disadvantage of this job profile is that you cannot work from your home city or any other place unlike Byju’s Business Development Associate Profile and if you are selected in the same job profile then you have to move to Banglore where Byju’s headquarter is located. You have to sit at a Bangore head office and have to work from there. 

Byju’s Product Specialist Salary

The company is currently offering you a 4 lakh 75 thousand annual compensation package in the job profile of product specialist in the year 2021, and this salary package has also been divided into two parts, under which you will receive Rs 4 lakh fixed annually. In addition to the salary package, 75 thousand rupees will be awarded to you based on your performance.

By the way, if seen then this salary package appears to be considerably less than that of BDA job profile of Byju’s, because, under BDA’s job profile, you may expect a salary package of up to 10 lakhs from Byju’s. 

How to Join in a Byju’s Product Specialist Job Profile?

The salary for a Product Specialist is lesser, but the most essential aspect of this job profile is that you will not be as busy as other Byju’s employees because you will not be dealing with sales. As a result, if you’re looking for a job that will provide you peace of mind then this job profile could be ideal for you.

How to get job as Byju’s Product Specialist?

There are two ways to apply for the job of Byjus Product Specialist. Byjus typically organizes placement opportunities in a number of interesting colleges, so if your communication skills are strong, you should be able to easily get this job and receive an offer letter in a timely manner.  

Apart from that, you may apply for this job profile quite easily by visiting Byju’s official website and hitting on Career Options by filling a simple employment form on this website. 

When you apply for the Product Specialist job profile on Byjus’ official website, you will either receive an email or a phone call from the company’s team to schedule an interview.

You can schedule your interview for this job profile according to your suitability and then you will be interviewed by the Byjus team at the time you specify.

See, as per these job requirements, you must conduct interviews via online video calls, but the unique aspect of this interview is that you can easily crack both of them.

The main part is that throughout these two interviews you must concentrate on your communication skills.  We are also giving you some pro tips to clear this interview.

  1. Be Confident.
  2. Research properly about Product Specialist Job Profile.
  3. Research about company’s mission and vision.
  4. Don’t be stammer.
  5. wear formal clothes.
  6. Answer all the questions in well disciplined manner.

If you pass in the interview, then very soon you are given an offer letter from the team of Byjus and along with this, as soon as you go to the Bangalore head office you will also be given one-month practical training, where you will be given some important information about how to do your job efficiently.

Final Conclusion on Byju’s Product Specialist job Profile

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