Is Speaking Hindi Embarrassment?

In a country where the Hindi language is selected by pressing 2 on an IVR call. You can understand why those individuals are so obsessed with the English language.

People on planes are thirsty, yet they won’t bother calling an air hostess. Because it would be humiliating if they couldn’t communicate well in English.

When you say you love your country, it’s true. I adore my nation, and I’m not referring to JNU students. If you learned English words like those in some way.

After that, they alter the word itself. They’ll modify it to the washroom because you learned to speak toilet. If you say anything pleasant, they will change it dope. 

Hindi and Embarrassment

Some people are roaming around by memorizing 3 to 4 lines of English. So that these lines will save their reputation in need. Some are adding “You know what ” in Hindi sentences.

To prove that they can also speak a little bit in the English language. It should be done with them that, the area from where these people win the election It should be mandatory that their children have studied in the government school.

English is a very important language. It is also a global language And when you want to reach out to more people, we get a huge advantage from the English language. The best thing about English is that this single language has united India’s various states.

Why Learning English is Necessary?

When Britishers came to India, they were facing huge problems in giving work. Because Without communication, You cannot get your work done by someone else.

Then they made such a framework of education in India so that we can learn English.

They did not learn Hindi, instead, they started reaching millions of Indians in English.

And we started understanding the English language along with our regional language Later, it became a class rather than a language in India India’s population is larger and jobs are limited.

And it’s not like it is a fault of the particular government. If you see from the beginning itself, there were always some problems regarding jobs.

That is why we have to be dependent on other country’s jobs and work If you work in other countries then you have to communicate in their language itself.

Final Conclusion on Is Speaking Hindi Embarrassment

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