Is SBI PO Good Job For Girls?

Hello, everyone! SBI PO is one of the most profitable occupations in the banking industry, and anybody studying for the test should be aware of SBI benefits, schedules, and postings. Is SBI PO beneficial for girls, or are there time issues?

This is a common topic among girls. What are the provisions for inner-circle postings, such as when boys are transferred to another location, and how may we be relocated to our hometown? Until and unless someone specifies otherwise, females are placed in their hometown. I trust you understand the concept of circles.

SBI is divided into zones, and circles are like zones only. For example, if you fill out the Ahmadabad circle, you can get any posting in Gujarat, and if you fill out the Bangalore circle, you can get a posting anywhere in Karnataka.

One of my junior friends got a posting 10 minutes away from home last year. This time bank, like Ahmadabad and Bangalore, is taking these things into account and even attempting to send them to the closest circle they can obtain if they have high results. If you have good marks, you will get your own circle.

If you have strong grades, you will be sent to your own circle; if you have poor grades, you will be assigned to another circle. For example, in the Ahmadabad circle, 50 of the 120 POs are from Rajasthan, which is a neighboring state.

As the Jaipur circle became overcrowded, individuals were dispatched to Ahmadabad. Boys’ postings may be erroneous, but girls’ will be assigned to their homes. The second issue was whether or not vehicles were provided to females if they stayed late, which was certainly affirmative, such as during auditing or before March closing.

There is greater work pressure, so females are sometimes required to remain, so the typical timeframe is up to 7-8 pm, and it varies by branch; for example, 8-9 pm is popular in metropolitan regions, but 5-6 pm is sufficient in rural areas. If girls are assigned to a location where people depart at 8, she can leave at 8. If they are late, there is transportation available; it is your decision, and the maximum time for females is 7-8 PM.

Now we’ll talk about inter circle transfer. If you do not get your desired posting, for example, I’m from UP and was assigned to the Ahmadabad circle, so if you want to transfer to UP, the minimum requirement is 5 years of service, and many other people will also apply according to your queue, and you’ll be allotted in your circle in 1-2 years.

There are two grounds for this, one is spouse ground, and the other is general ground, so if your wife is working somewhere else, you will get your transfer quickly.

Final Conclusion on Is SBI PO Good Job For Girls

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