Is GPSC Exam Tough to Crack?

We all know that there is a severe shortage of jobs in India, especially for educated individuals. It is really hard to digest the fact that every year millions of graduated candidates are not able to secure jobs for the reason being they start preparing for the Government Examination.

But as we all also know that government seats are really very low and there are very less opportunities for jobs are readily available at this moment. The unfortunate part is that every year lakhs of students actually apply for the government job position and only a few of them actually get selected.

GPSC aka Gujarat Public Service Commission actually upholds the examination every year for the class-1 and class-2 posts in the administration. From the one record, it is quite clear that every year almost 7-8 lakhs students apply for the few post which is generally less than 1000 which makes this exam very competitive.

Now coming to your question is the Gpsc exam really very tough? The simple answer to this question is yes this examination is really very tough. Especially the examination toughness level has been increased in the past couple of years looking at a sniff competition in this examination.

However, still, I am really very relaxed regarding the examination knowing the fact GPSC is conducting this examination without any kind of delaying the actual process, unlike the states’ other examinations where often fraudulent activities are being noticed by some aspiring candidates.

If we talk about the toughness of this examination then it is quite understandable that GPSC is also increasing the toughness of this examination by looking at the numbers of individuals applying for this examination.

I have personally talked with some of the GPSC examination aspirants and they also agreed with the fact the GPSC examination is actually following the pattern of UPSC in order to make question papers more and more difficult.

From the above conclusion, it is really very clear that average students may have to work really very hard to clear this examination. One interesting fact is to notice here that every year thousands of new students are actually added to the list of the students who are preparing for this examination and this is also one of the reasons why this examination has been becoming extremely competitive.

Final Conclusion – is GPSC Exam tough to Crack?

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