Inside Samsung’s Insane Headquarters

I’ll be discussing the Samsung Digital City, which is home to one of the world’s largest corporations. how large it is First and foremost, let’s assess the scope of the situation.

So, having heard the term “digital city,” I’m prepared to assume that many of you have as well. I’m willing to bet a lot of you are already scoffing, after all, it can’t possibly be anything close to a metropolis, right?

Well, I sure hope you’re someone who can persuade them otherwise because, with over 400 acres of room, you have a chance to change their minds.

While it may not be a metropolis, it is still larger than many towns, and with nearly 35 000 employees, it has one population.

Samsung, like their other competitors such as Google and Apple, doesn’t just deal in one type of product, and the sheer volume of stuff they produce puts the other companies to shame.

In fact, in just one quarter in 2019, the business sold 71.9 million smartphone units, roughly twice as much as the following two companies combined, with Huawei and Apple selling 59.1 million and 36.4 million units, respectively.

What You Should be Aware of?

With all of that on the table, it’s no surprise that the 84-year-old company needs a pretty substantial place to do all of those activities, which brings us to the actual site of the headquarters in the ancient city of Suwon, just 30 kilometers south of Seoul, South Korea’s capital. While the main site is located there, the company has since expanded into neighboring cities like yan.

Samsung Digital City has a lot in common with those cities because, as it turns out, the city where the headquarters is located has a long history.

With roots dating back to the early 8th century, the city of Suwon is the country’s last completely walled city, and the fact that Samsung chose it as its headquarters is not a coincidence because one of the reasons that Samsung chose us-1 over Seoul was because, during the Korean War, the huge walls separating the two cities.

Libyong, the company’s founder decided to officially move the company headquarters from the capital city to Suwon in 1951 which would later turn out to be the decision that led to everything that exists in the city.

There is currently a kindergarten school for firm employees’ children, as well as a guest home for visiting researchers. One of the most often asked concerns about the site is how much it will cost.

After all, if Apple can spend $5 billion on a campus that is less than half the size of Samsung’s, how much will this thing cost?

The answer is that it’s complicated. Unlike Apple Park, Googleplex, or any of the other well-known corporate headquarters, the Samsung Digital City site has been growing and developing since the firm first set foot here.

Final Conclusion on Inside Samsung’s Insane Headquarters

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