IAS or Working in Google, Facebook, etc: Which is Better?

As we all know, government employment is regarded to be among the most prestigious professions in our country.

Government officers are regarded with great pride by the general public, and they are viewed as superhumans by them. 

Government employment is associated with pride and status, and people cling to government officers in great respect.

Furthermore, if you work for the government in positions such as IAS or IPS, your worth improves even more.

You get to work directly with people and in a position like IAS, and the government provides a lot of additional benefits like providing cars, houses, pensions, etc. 

Well, in this article we are going to compare private jobs in apple, Google, or Facebook companies with the job of Indian Administrative Service in detail.

Well, if you are someone who is actually looking for the same then you can definitely read this article till the end.

Private Jobs Vs IAS

Many people believe that comparing IAS and private professions is the biggest blunder since IAS is usually perceived to be a very profitable position for an ordinary Indian.

Many people, however, hold a different viewpoint on this issue, believing that if a private firm offers a better income and benefits than the IAS, you should not leave that position.

Benefits of Government Jobs

The job is permanent.

Your job is nearly secure, and no one will take it away from you unless you are a complete crook.

Wherever you go, whether it’s to a big home, a servant, or a driver, you’ll be escorted and your profession will be valued more than others.

Greater Identity. 

There’s no need to start thinking about retirement, the government will provide you the same.

There’s no need to queue at temples or for movie tickets.

If you’re used to going to bars and clubs, you’ll miss city life because you’ll be staying away from cities most of the time.

Because there will be so many transfers, you may have to remain away from your family. The education of children may be disrupted.

There are a lot of obligations.

There will be no distinction between personal and professional life.

Benefits of Private Jobs

High-paying jobs.

A lot to learn and grow. No one will question you about the money you have spent.

This is not the case with govt jobs Foreign trips can be more often.

A govt employee cannot leave his place. Can stay in 5-star hotels and party at fine restaurants.

No one will question you.

Govt officials mostly stay at their Guest house.

Have to plan for retirement Should save a lot and earn a lot to maintain a descent lifestyle in the away cities.

Final Conclusion on IAS or Working in Google, Facebook, etc

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