I Feel Like Complete Failure, When I Compare Myself With My Friends, What Should I do Now?

Because you’re comparing yourself to someone else, you’re feeling like a complete failure.

We all know that everyone has a certain goal in mind and follows a distinctive path to achieve that aim.

If you think you’re a complete failure at the age of 25, trust me when I say there’s a whole life ahead of you and you can still accomplish things if you work incredibly hard and with complete dedication.

The major reason you feel like a failure is that you don’t have a clear objective in mind, you aren’t working hard enough, or you lack mentoring from a successful person.

I know a few individuals who prepared for the prestigious UPSC examination and failed two or three times, and they were in the same situation as you are feeling right now. 

Why are you feeling Low?

See, the biggest reason you feel like a complete failure is that you haven’t completed the goals you set in the past, and most likely your friends have done so on a constant schedule, and now you are embarrassed that you haven’t been able to do so for one reason or another.

See, it’s a simple issue because once you compare yourself to someone else, you instantly start feeling anxious, which is what we refer to as mental illness.

It’s not as though you can’t do anything in life after 25 years. You only need to set the correct objective in your life and be committed to achieving it.

At the age of 25, great scientist Albert Einstein was likewise a complete failure, and he was married at the time.

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Instead of giving up, he started struggling in the same situation, putting up his best effort, and we are all aware of what he accomplished in his life today. You can also take inspiration from him and make progress toward your own ambitions.

You’ve probably heard of Mahendra Dhoni. He worked as a ticket checker till the age of 24 years seeking to accomplish his ambitions.

He took advantage of every opportunity he was given, and we all know where he is now.

In fact, many people believe him to be the greatest successful Indian cricket captain of all time. Take, for example, the fact that age seems to have little impact on success.

You can accomplish achieved significant your aspirations at any moment.  You just need to work hard in one direction.

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