How to Register Your Cloud Kitchen on Zomato?

How to Register Your Cloud Kitchen on Zomato?

Register Your Cloud Kitchen on Zomato – Friends, we are all are familiar that Zomato is the largest food delivery company in India, with millions of restaurants already registered on the company’s application this company is setting different kinds of benchmarks in the sector of home food delivery service. 

The most significant advantage of registering a restaurant with Zomato is that it eliminates the need for someone to make additional attempts to get customers for their food business since Zomato will be doing it for them for a minimal amount of cost and that’s why maximum Indian restaurant is registering themselves on this platform. 

Actually, Zomato has built such a strong business model that now every restaurant wants to work with them, and that is why the company has decided to raise its funds with an IPO to expand its business in India.

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Many people are skeptical whether Zomato is solely listing restaurants or also supporting cloud kitchen. Well, the answer is Yes. Zomato also allows customers to register their personal cloud kitchens on its platform.

However, you need to complete some demands from Zomato to register your cloud kitchen on their platform. We have really discussed in deep about Zomato’s rules and guidelines for registering and doing business with cloud kitchen on their platform. Kindly please read this article till the end to get adequate information about the same.

How to Register Your Cloud Kitchen on Zomato?

What Documents are required for the cloud kitchen registration?

  • Owner’s PAN card
  • Business’s GST registration certificate
  • FSSAI Registration certificate for turnover upto 12 Lakhs and
  • Business’s bank account and IFSC Code

===>>> Key points to remember

In the case of cloud kitchen, you do not need to take an FSSAI license as long as the turnover of your business is limited to 12 lakhs and you can conduct your business with only an FSSAI registration certificate. However, once your business turnover exceeds 12 lakhs it becomes mandatory for you to get the license of FSSAI.

It is necessary to have a business bank account to register your Cloud Kitchen on Zomato. As a result, many individuals advise that you should always open a current account in your business name because it is much easier to manage.

How to register your Cloud Kitchen on Zomato’s Website?

You have two choices for registering a cloud kitchen in Zomato, and you must go to Zomato’s official website to access these opportunities. You may simply list your business on Zomato, and if you want to sell your food products in addition to the listing, you can do so the same with ease. 

To list your business with Zomato, you have to visit Zomato’s official website and click on Add New Restaurant. On clicking this, a webpage will open in front of you, in which you have to submit that form after filling up all the necessary information about your business.

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You will receive a call from Zomato’s support team shortly after submitting the registration form, and this team will verify your business listing and add it to their platform. Typically, Zomato does not charge you for listing the business, but this rule can also change.

If you just want to get your business listed on Zomato’s platform, your work is done here; however, if you also want to sell your food goods through Zomato, you should contact Zomato’s support team for detailed instructions on what to do next and how to do it.

How to Register Your Cloud Kitchen on Zomato?

After registering your business on Zomato, keep in mind that you must always keep all types of legal documents for your business on your arm because the company’s support staff may contact you for verification at any time. If you get failed verification process, your business’s registration and listing may be canceled.

Zomato’s Charges for Delivering the Food

Zomato does not take a single penny from you for listing your business, but if your restaurant receives an order from Zomato’s app, then it charges you 15 to 22 percent commission per order depending upon the amount of your order.

You can choose to only get listed with Zomato’s portal for online ordering. This is particularly useful if you have a large order volume and you want preferential commission rates for your business.

If a customer orders from your restaurant and chooses Self Take Away, Zomato does not charge you or your customers any delivery charges; but, if a customer requests Zomato Delivery Boy to deliver, the service will charge both you and your customer delivery fees.

Final Conclusion on How to Register Your Cloud Kitchen on Zomato

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