How to recover block Zomato Id?: Here is the Full Guide

Friends, Zomato Delivery Boy has become one of the most high-paying jobs in India today. Many youths of India are earning a decent amount of money from here.

If you also want to join Zomato as a food delivery boy then you can read the following detailed article for better understanding.

Zomato is expanding its business in India and recruiting maximum numbers of riders for food delivery.

Many young people are joining Zomato as it is also providing flexible working time and a decent amount of earning. The number of Zomato delivery boys is increasing rapidly in India.

But, Nowadays many Zomato delivery boys facing the problem of their Id blocked by Zomato. Let’s find out why this is happening frequently day by day and what is the best possible solution to recover your blocked Zomato rider Id?

Why your Zomato Id is blocked? : Here are some important reasons

You are rejecting too many orders

It is very important for you to know that Zomato is a customer-oriented company. They believe in giving maximum convenience to their customers. That’s why they are recruiting more and more delivery boys to speed up the food delivery.

The Zomato application works with the help of a very large artificial intelligence system. That is the reason, whenever a customer places an order for food delivery, Zomato’s system uses its artificial intelligence to notify its best delivery boy to deliver the order.

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How to recover zomato block id

But many times the delivery boys of Zomato reject the notification of that delivery orders due to some or other reason. The delivery boy thinks that he is very smart but Zomato’s system is much smarter than him.

It tracks every activity he does. If a delivery boy refuses to deliver multiple times, then Zomato blocks that particular ID without giving any proper intimation or reason.

This is only the biggest reason for the delivery boy’s ID being blocked in the present times. Zomato wants to strengthen its facility, which is why it blocks the ID of such delivery boy.

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Your id is misusing by someone

There is no shortage of people doing fraud in India. Those people keep trying to break the system in some way or the other. Nowadays many people are trying to do something similar with this delivery system of Zomato. That’s why Zomato is increasing its security even more.

Many delivery boys join in Zomato by submitting their documents and getting IDs on their names. But, in actual someone else is using that ID. This can definitely create problems for Zomato in the upcoming future. Therefore, Zomato has started the photo verification process randomly during the delivery boy’s working hours.

Zomato is asking their delivery boys for selfies at random times, so they can detect whether the boys are working properly or not. If they found any defects, they will suddenly block the delivery boy’s rider id without prior intimation.

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You are delivering at a wrong location

As we all know, Zomato company is paying a certain extra amount per Kilometer for the rider’s ride. It is actually for the benefit of the riders. But, some riders think that they are very smart and started misusing that facility.

Some riders actually deliver the food delivery on one location and mark their delivery address on another location to earn some penny from the system. Come on, guys! Do you think that Zomato’s artificial intelligence system is a fool? No, it isn’t.

Their artificial intelligence system is smart enough to detect that delivery boy is doing fraud with them. They will definitely ignore the same thing 2 to 3 times. But if it will happen repeatedly, they will definitely block that rider’s Id without any proper information.

Your login hours are less or you are an inactive rider

This is also one of the most common reasons why Zomato is blocking many rider’s IDs. The company has decided on some mandatory working days and working hours of work for their delivery partners. But some riders are not following their instructions. That is the reason Zomato has decided to remove those particular Ids from their system.

As we discussed earlier that Zomato is a customer-oriented company and want to serve their customers in a minimum period of time and that’s why it has recruited you. If you are failing to do the same then you are useless and inactive for them and It will surely block your Id.

Here are some possible reasons why Zomato is blocking the ids of most of their delivery boys. Now we will discuss what things to take care of to save yourself from blocking and what are the best possible solutions for getting back your blocked id?

How to recover block Zomato ID?

If your Id is blocked for some or another reason then you actually don’t have to worry much about it. Zomato company has recruited a team of team leaders, executives, and senior executives in a particular city to address all the problems of food delivery partners. You can seek help from them.

If your id is blocked by Zomato then we recommend you to contact your team leader under whom you are working. They will highlight your actual problems to the top management like executives and senior executives. This is the best solution to recover your blocked Zomato id.

If your team leader is not giving proper attention to your problem then you can definitely contact the executives and the senior executives of the area by reaching their office. Here, you can find the possible solution to recover your blocked Id.

You can also complain same to Zomato’s senior team by sending them a mail and registering your problem to the customer care executives.

Final words on How to recover your block Zomato Id for riders?

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