How to Read Laxmikant’s Polity for UPSC?

To begin with, this book is not big; all you need to know is how to read it. Let me give you an example.

Laxmikant has 76 chapters, but only about half of them are very important; this isn’t to say that the other half isn’t important; it just means that you don’t need to refer to it from the book every time;

I’ll explain further; so, Laxmikant has 76 chapters divided into 11 parts; now, from part 6 (union territories and special areas) to part 11 (working of the constitution), you just need to make sharp and crisp notes of about 10 to 30 pages. 

Second, read it three to four times without expecting anything to transpire, and I guarantee it will work miracles for you. Please notice that I simply included some preliminary readings here; please rewrite it as many times as feasible.

Let me now tell you about those four readings that I stated earlier:

1st reading: simply read it; do not attempt to memorize anything.

Understand the topics of the text. After you’ve finished reading, check through the questions from past years.

Most people will tell you to go through the preparing notes before reading it, but I don’t think that’s helpful because if you’re reading a book for the first time, you shouldn’t limit yourself and read everything, and another reason is that if you’ve already read the book before referring to pyq, you already have some knowledge and some backing and know what’s important and what’s not.

2nd reading: highlight what you think is essential with a pencil on the second reading.

Please take some tests since you need to evaluate yourself; by providing tests, you will learn what you need to concentrate on.

3rd reading: Use a pen to emphasize just the parts that need to be learned; do not underline everything. Make a test (reason in point 2).

4th reading: use a highlighter and only read the highlighted sections of the book from now on, not the entire book, unless or until you need to refer to something to understand the highlighted section.

You read Laxmikant horizontally for the first three readings and vertically for the fourth and subsequent readings (you’ll understand after reading the first three times), you offered roughly 3 to 6 tests, and you also referenced prior years’ questions.

Here’s the timeline:

20-25 days for the first reading
20 days for the second reading
15-20 days for the third reading
10 – 15 days for the fourth reading

After four readings, it takes only a week, and after six, seven readings, it takes three days to complete Laxmikant. Please keep in mind that completion times vary from person to person; for example, people who are studying full-time may be able to finish sooner.

Believe me, if you follow the same pattern and the schedule for the same then it is definitely going to work like a miracle for you for sure.

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