How to rate zomato delivery boy after delivery

How to Rate Zomato Delivery Boy After Delivery?

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Are you using Zomato to order food Online? If Yes, then kindly please read this article till the end as this article contains some premium content.

If you are using Zomato then you are definitely aware of the process of ordering the food online.

You order food online, the restaurant will prepare that food, the delivery boy will collect that food, and finally, he/she will deliver that food to you at your dorestep. This is quite an easy process. Isn’t it?

Have you ever wondered why delivery boys will always ask you to give them a better ranking? Well, here I have some interesting answers.

Why Rating is so important to food delivery boys?

When you give some delivery boys a high rating then Zomato will pay some additional amount of money for that high rating and it will also help them to build their strong portfolio as a delivery partner in Zomato.

That’s why maximum delivery boys will not ask you to give any kind of tips to them. Instead of this, they will request you to give them a better rating, so they can build their strong portfolio.

Why does zomato delivery boy always beg for good ratings?

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As a food lover, I always suggest everyone give better ratings to delivery boys if you do not want to give them a tip. Your one click will definitely be going to help them in one or another way.

There are so many people who order food, received it, and still don’t take care about giving a rating to that hard-working delivery boy. Is it fair enough?

According to my best research, some people don’t give ratings to the delivery boys just because they aren’t aware of the process, and some deliberately do not give ratings to them.

How to rate zomato delivery boy after delivery

How to give proper rating to Zomato delivery Boy?

A lot of people give ratings to delivery boys but do not submit them properly, due to which that delivery boy is not able to get the rating. So in this article, we are going to discuss how to give a proper rating to a zomato delivery boy.

I don’t know whether you are aware of it or not but the Zomato food ordering application will send the notification to its customers whenever the delivery boy delivers food to them.

This notification is especially for giving the ratings to delivery boys and how was the food was? You just simply have to open that notification on your mobile phone and will redirect you directly to the rating page.

On this webpage, you can just click and give ratings to the food delivery boys easily. There are emojis available at a click area, you just have to click that emojis in order to give a rating to the delivery boy.

Suppose if you want to give 3 numbers of rating out of 5, then you have to click the 3rd number of emojis. You can repeat the same process by clicking on the 5th emoji if you want to give them a 5-star rating,

The best option about this rating system is you can also rate a particular food individually and can also rate the service of that restaurant simultaneously from that page.

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How to Get More Orders As a Zomato Delivery Boy?

Zomato has included 3 more additional options regarding the behavior of their delivery boy while delivering the food.

These 3 additional feature includes.

  1. Minimum Calling.
  2. Delivery boy wearing mask
  3. Deliver on Time.

The customer can also rate this additional information regarding the particular food delivery which they ordered online.

But what if you have missed that notification sent by the Zomato food ordering app? How will you rate the delivery boy after missing that notification?

Well, don’t worry. Don’t create a panic situation. We are here to help you.

Suppose if you have missed that rating notification, then simply just open the Zomato ordering application. Go to History/ My orders. Here you can find all the details regarding your past order.

Simply just click on that particular order on which you want to rate and follow the same process which is mentioned in the upper part of this article.

Final Words on How to rate zomato delivery boys after delivery.

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