How to join Zomato as a Delivery boy: Here is a complete Guide

Friends, in this time of covid-19, all the business have been closed and lakhs of people have lost their jobs. But during this tough time, Zomato is running their business successfully especially in India.

Due to Covid-19, all the restaurants and hotels operating in India have been ordered to provide only food delivery by the Indian Government. In such times, people are using Zomato’s service to order food sitting at home.

Every day the numbers of online food delivery have been increasing using Zomato and Swiggy’s application. That’s why these companies also started expanding their staff to meet the expectations of the people.

The real truth is that Zomato’s delivery boy is earning more money than some so-called Engineers. (This may be looks funny when you read, but this is the reality of our country.)

How to join Zomato as a delivery boy

Do you also want to join Zomato as a delivery boy? Do you also want to earn more and more money during this difficult time? Here is the complete guide about how to join Zomato and earn money from it?

How to join Zomato as a delivery boy?

Joining Zomato is one of the easiest things in India. You just have to comply with some rules and regulations made by Zomato and you can easily get a job as a delivery boy.

To join Zomato you have to apply online on the Zomato runner app. You have to fill in all the true and necessary details about yourself in order to get easy approval from them.

Make sure that you fill in all the details correctly especially about your bank account details and driving license etc to get a fast and better approach from them.

After filling in all the necessary details, you have to submit your application in the same app. After reviewing your application the zomato senior executive will call you and will ask some questions about you.

If you can answer the questions given by the executive correctly, then your joining can be done very easily. This is a normal process to join Zomato as a food delivery guy.

You don’t have to pay a single penny to the any third party person in order to get a job as a delivery guy. So, please be alert with all the person who ask you money for the joining the same.

What things are needed for working as a delivery guy?

  • Your Aadhar card or any other address proof.
  • Valid driving license, If you haven’t any driving license then you can choose cycle as your primary vehicle in order to join as a delivery boy..
  • Valid PAN card.
  • Valid Bank account details to receive payment for your work.
  • Android phone in order to use Zomato application (Must required)
  • Your own vehicle (It could be anything bike or cycle)

The best part about joining the zomato as a delivery boy as they do not take any kind of hidden charge during the time of joining. But, they will collect up to 2000 rupees at a time of joining as a security deposit.

You really don’t have to worry about anything about this security deposit, because Zomato will ultimately give again it back to you when you leave the job as a delivery boy.

After joining Zomato as a food delivery guy, they will provide you a delivery kit which includes one bag and two numbers of T-shirts. Wearing a T-shirt during the time of food delivery is really very necessary according to Zomato rules and regulations.

You can find complete guide about how to receive Zomato Bag and Zomato T-shirts from here.

Why join Zomato as a delivery boy?

Earlier in this article, We have mentioned many points regarding the benefits of working as a zomato delivery boy. Here we are trying to explain the same things in details.

  1. Flexible Working Time
  • The best part about the working as a zomato delivery guy is its flexible working time.
  • You can join this job as full time or part-time according to your need and time you have. But we strongly recommend you to join as a full time, if you really want to earn good amount of money.
  • If you are a student or doing any other works then you also can join it as a part-time to earn decent amount of pocket money from it.

2. High earning opportunity

  • As we stated earlier that maximum people in India have lost their well-settled job due to the Covid-19 pandemic and many others are working from their homes. So, there is a high probability that people are going to order maximum numbers of food delivery during this time.
  • So, this is your time to earn a decent amount of money by delivering the maximum number of orders. Believe me guys, you can earn more than 25k/ Month easily if you are working in a non-metro city too. Because Zomato pays a decent amount of money to their delivery boys.
  • The best fun part is that even Junior Engineers are not earning such a whopping amount as their salary despite working 13-14 hours/ Day. So a job as a zomato delivery boy can become a huge opportunity for you to earn a decent amount of money.

3. You can adopt it as your full time career

  • You are definitely thinking that why am I asking you to take Zomato as your full-time career. There are some valid reasons behind this which I want to share here.
  • India is slowly entering the digital age. After pandemics like Corona, the people of the country are avoiding going out of the house. Many people prefer to order food at home instead of going to the restaurant. That’s why the vacancy of food delivery boy jobs in India is also increasing. In such a situation you can adopt this job as your full-time career and can earn a decent amount of money through it.
  • With time, the possibility has also increased that a lot of new companies can come into the market to compete with companies like Zomato and Swiggy in India. In such a situation, all these new companies can give you a better payout compared to Zomato and Swiggy, depending upon your work experience.

Some Important points to remember while working as a Zomato delivery boy

  • Zomato does not give you the facility of any type of vehicle. Apart from this, it does not even give you the money for petrol and maintenance. You have to manage the same from your regular earnings.
  • If you get any kind of delivery order, then always try to deliver that order on time. Always give respect to your customer. If the customer is happy with your service then you can ask them to give you a good rating. Good ratings are the key to get more orders and earn a huge amount of money from them.
  • If you have a habit of any kind of addiction like eating Gutkha or burning cigarettes, then kindly please stay away from it at the time of delivery. By doing this you can have a negative impact, so try to stay away from all these things.
  • If at any point in time you get delayed in delivery, you should always first apologize to your customer. After that, you can tell them the reason for being late. This will create a good impression.
  • If the customer is satisfied with your behavior and works ethics, then you can simply ask them to give you a 5-star rating option of the Zomato app. Always remember good ratings and reviews are the keys to be successful as a full-time food delivery guy. It will help you in building your portfolio.
  • Don’t ask for unnecessary other things like tips and favors from your valuable customers. Believe me or not but things won’t be going to help you in any particular direction. Always talk politely with your valuable customer. Try to address all the queries of your customers regarding food delivery.

Final words on “How to Join Zomato as a delivery boy”?

We really hope that you have liked this article “How to join Zomato as a delivery boy”? and found the best solution for your query. If you have any doubts or suggestions regarding our article, then you can send your query and suggestions by commenting in the comments sections.

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