How to Get Unacademy T-Shirts?

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As we all know that Unacademy is India’s biggest online education platform and there are maximum numbers of students who are from school and colleges to the aspirants who are preparing for the government exams, are using this valuable platform to study in a better way.

The best part about Unacademy’s online education platform is that it pays the highest salaries to its educators, that’s why so many professionals desire to work on this platform without any hesitation. 

Unacademy T-shirts – How to get it?

To become a tutor on Unacademy’s platform, you must first complete a demo lecturer task.

If Unacademy approves your demo lessons, then it will hire you as a permanent educator and will send you an Unacademy T-shirt to wear on during live lessons. 

People still have a lot of confusion about the Unacademy T-shirt, that’s why we’re posting this blog post to answer all of their questions.

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Why Plus Educator is a best deal on Unacademy?

It is important to understand that Unacademy’s T-shirt is only provided to educators who are associated with the platform.

Students that enroll in Unacademy’s plus subscription are not facilitated with the T-shirts and you simply have to remember this thing. 

If you have been selected as a tutor in Unacademy but have not yet received a T-shirt from this online educational platform, then you do not need to be anxious at all.

You just have to follow one simple procedure on the creator’s application in order to get an Unacademy’s Tutor t-shirt in a very simple way. 

The Form you have to fill In order to get a Unacademy’s T-shirt

To obtain the T-shirt given by Unacademy, go to the Educators app’s profile section and submit a message to the app’s staff, requesting them to send a T-shirt.

After that, a link to fill out the form for receiving a T-shirt from Unacademy will be sent to you via this messaging platform, and you can just click on it and fill out the form.

By opening the link of this form sent by Unacademy you will be redirected to the webpage of requesting the T-shirt online, you will have to give correct information about the following things in the form. These are some points like this.

  1. Your name
  2. Your real email adress
  3. Your unacademy profile link
  4. Your home address
  5. Your pincode
  6. Your state
  7. Your mobile number
  8. Your T-shirt size like M,ML,XL,XXL etc.

You must take extra care to ensure that all of the information requested in this form must be filled incorrectly.

If you do not fill in this information correctly, you may not be able to receive the T-shirt on time, or you may not be able to receive the T-shirt at all.

After correctly filling out the form, you must submit it. Along with submitting your form, the request for a T-shirt is accepted by Unacademy’s administration, and you will receive it within 5 to 10 days. You may easily obtain this T-shirt sitting at home in no time.

Final Words on How to Get Unacademy T-Shirts?

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