How to Get More Orders As a Zomato Delivery Boy?

Friends, as we all know that Zomato is the biggest company in the sector of food delivery. This company is expanding its business in overall India and that’s why their management person is hiring maximum numbers of food delivery boys in order to meet all the requirements of food delivery requested by their valuable customers.

The best thing about working as a zomato delivery boy is that they are paying some certain huge amount of payment to its delivery boys and that is the reason why maximum people wants to join them as their food delivery partners.

However, in this article, we are not going to discuss much more about their working procedure and all other things. I think we had written enough things regarding some particular queries related to food delivery boy.

So, our team thought that today they will cover one of the most asked questions regarding Zomato food delivery boy is that how someone can get maximum numbers of orders to deliver while working as a food delivery guy.

This question is asked many times on google because ultimately we all know that you can earn the maximum amount of money by delivering the maximum number of orders. The more you deliver more you earn.

What is the actual problem?

The problem is the person who is actually newly joined with Zomato did not get more numbers of orders for delivery in comparison to old riders.

However, Zomato many times denied this allegation but when I talked with some new delivery boys then I came to know about this solution. After this, I started my research regarding this issue.

Firstly new riders have to understand that Zomato food delivery boy’s application is actually working on some huge artificial Intelligence system, which is created by some intelligent software developers hired by the Zomato company.

This system actually assigns the order according to the commands given to the software. Suppose someone orders food from the Zomato application then Zomato’s system will actually assign an order to the nearest delivery boy available between the restaurant and the actual delivery location.

So, the allegation against Zomato, that it is distributing more orders to their old delivery riders is totally rubbish and baseless. There are some guys who didn’t have enough knowledge about Zomato’s artificial intelligence system are spreading this kind of rumor amongst the delivery boys.

Nevertheless, In this article, we are going to share some pro tips that how you can actually get maximum numbers of orders while working as a food delivery boy.

Pro Tips to get maximum numbers of orders while working as a Zomato delivery boy.

Never Reject any food delivery order.

This is the most simple and unique thing that many zomato delivery boys mises out when they are working as a food delivery partner.

I already told you that Zomato has a huge intelligence system and it is working very efficiently nowadays. When you reject any order for delivery then Zomato’s AI actually notices it and it may create some adverse impact on your portfolio.

Your strong portfolio is the biggest asset for you while working as a food delivery boy. A good quality portfolio will definitely help you to gain the maximum number of orders for delivery.

2. Always ask for good ratings from your customers.

I have seen many food delivery boys just deliver the order and ran away promptly without wasting any time as they think they will get another order to deliver by doing all kinds of stuff. They even don’t ask customers to give them a good rating.

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Why does zomato delivery boy always beg for good ratings?

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Why does zomato delivery boy always beg for good ratings?

A 5-star rating can help you in 2 different ways. The first part is that you can definitely earn some extra amount of money if someone gives you a 5-star rating and the second one is that this rating can help you to create a strong portfolio while working as a food delivery partner. This thing can eventually help you in the future.

Remember the case of Zomato delivery boy vs famous social media influencer which happened in Banglore last year. Do you know what was the conclusion? Zomato company helped that food delivery boy just because he had delivered more than 2000 plus delivery which has 5 stars.

I think I have nothing to say much regarding this thing. I hope all the things are cleared for you.

Final Words on How to get more orders as a Zomato Delivery Boy.

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