How to get Guaranteed Payment in Zomato?

As we all know friends that zomato is the leading food delivery service in India and it is way ahead of its competitor Swiggy. (Guaranteed Payment in Zomato: All you want to know)

This food delivery service is expanding its business right now in India and that’s why it is hiring a huge number of delivery boys in order to deliver all the orders on regular time.

As we all know that post lockdown maximum people are working in a work from the home situation and that’s why they all started ordering food via using the Zomato application as all the restaurants haven’t granted permission for handling customers physically on their location till now.

According to one report of India’s top leading business news channel, Zomato is receiving more than three times more orders than normal working days post lockdown in India.

Zomato’s Introduction to Rate Card.

Ever since the introduction of Zomato in India, there has always been some dispute regarding payment among their delivery boys.

In such a situation, Zomato has also launched a new payment system for its riders to bring to the end all these controversies.

A little while back, Zomato had launched a feature called Rate Card in the rider’s application.

With the help of this rate card, riders can get an idea of ​​how much they will get paid after completing their work at the end of the day.

Some of the options given below are currently available in Zomato's rate card. With the help of this option, Zomato riders can get an idea of ​​how much they will earn.

1. Minimum Base Pay.

2. Order Ready-time Pay.

3. Distance Pay.

4. Surge Pay.

5. Daily Guranteed mimiumun Pay.

6. Weekly Guranteed minimum Pay. 

In this article, we are going to discuss how to ger guaranteed payment in zomato on a daily or weekly basis.

Zomato Guaranteed Payment: All You Want to Know about it

Like we have already told you that ever since Zomato was started, there were many debates regarding its payment. There was also a demand from the riders that they should be given a fixed payment so that they can make a living.

The actual truth is even the Zomato company did not pay much attention to the actual problem of delivery boys. But, since their business has grown in India, the company has also become very positive towards its riders.

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What is the Surge Pay in Zomato?

Zomato has recently improved its payment system through rate cards and has also launched several payment features for its riders. In this rate card, they also added one feature named “Zomato Guaranteed Payment.” Let’s discuss in deep about this prime feature of Zomato.

Under this feature, Zomato has announced some fixed daily and weekly payments to its riders. But riders also have to follow certain rules and regulations, in order to get this payment from the Zomato food delivery service.

Rules to get fixed Guaranteed Payment in Zomato.

  1. You must have to deliver some certain numbers of delivery to the customers, which are actually mentioned in zomato rate card.

( The minimum delivery orders usually vary between 12-15 in order to get daily fixed payment and you also have to deliver up to 60 orders in order to get fixed weekly payment.)

2. To get this certain amount of guaranteed payment you also have to complete minimum login hours daily and weekly both.

( The minimum working hours usually vary between 8-10 in case of daily guaranteed payment and almost 60 hours per week for weekly guaranteed payment.)

3. Do not cancel or reject any particular order for delivery. If you cancel or reject any order then you might not eligible for Guaranteed daily or weekly payment according to the rules of the Zomato food delivery service.

Final words on How to get Guaranteed Payment in Zomato

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