How to Get a Birthday gift from Byjus? – Byjus Birthday Gift

Byjus Birthday Gift

Friends, we all know that Byjus is presently competing for a spot on India’s online education platform, and one fact is that the amount of money spent by the company is much bigger than the money spends on marketing by India’s biggest online education platform Unacademy.

Byjus is spending a lot of money to promote his brand name because it has spent a lot of money to make famous Bollywood celebrities like Shahrukh Khan the brand ambassador and showing their name on the T-shirts of the Indian Cricket Team. (I think this is one of the biggest promotion strategies by any kind of any online education platform after the Unacademy)

Byjus – Doing some Revolutionary Things in the Online Education Sector

The special thing about Byjus is that they usually try to provide their best online education to the children of class 4 to class 12. Byjus’s course is actually quite expensive, but it also includes study materials as well as a tablet and a bag for the same price and that’s why many students and parents are easily attracted down to it. 

Byjus knows that Unacademy, India’s leading education provider, is rapidly expanding and that in order to stay ahead of the competition in online education, they must have to do something unique. As a result, for the past year and a half, Byjus has started sending gifts to students enrolled with them on their birthdays in order to attract new students.

So, in this article, we are going to share each and every detail about Byjus’s Birthday gift and will also provide some detailed information about how to claim those birthday gifts easily.

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Byjus’s Birthday Gift : All you want to Know

Before claiming a birthday gift from Byjus, you should be aware that in order to receive the birthday gift, you must first purchase Byjus’ premium course. Even though you have registered on Byjus and have not purchased this premium course from then this organization will not send you any kinds of birthday gifts. 

Friends, if you have purchased a Byjus’s premium course then you are well aware of the fact that in addition to purchasing a premium course, you will be provided with the service of a personal mentor from Byjus, who will monitor your study progress and assist you in tough circumstances.

So, if your birthday is coming and you wish to claim a birthday gift from Byjus, you must inform your mentor of the same and he will handle the rest on his own. That’s is why we always suggest pupils make a better relationship with your so-called study mentor, so he/she can help you in such a situation.

Friends, one more thing to remember before claiming your birthday gift is that you must inform your mentor about your birthday prior 10 to 15 days so that he/she can deliver your gift at the proper time by providing information in the Byjus’s main center.

 After your birthday has elapsed, claiming a birthday gift from Byjus will be meaningless for you and you will also feel embarrassed while claiming it. So, always remember this point.  

If you inform your mentor about your birthday 10 weeks before the event, you may be able to obtain your birthday gift on the day of your birthday or even before. When Byjus sends your birthday gift, a message with a tracking code from the courier provider is sent to your phone, and you may use this code to check out where your gift has been shipped.

Final words on Byjus Birthday Gift

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